how many condom types do you know? There are many types condoms in the market. How many condom types do you know?

buy Lyrica online uk Here some summary for different condom types:

look these up According to different material for making condoms, there are latex condom, polyurethane condom, polyisoprene condom, lambskin condom.

According to the different texture on condoms, there are plain condom, dotted condom, ribbed condom, dotted&ribbed condom, dotted&ribbed&anatomic condom, flared condom.

According to the different size condoms, there are regular size condom, small size condom and large size condom.

According to different function, there are flavored condom, colored condom, lollipop condom, spike condom, glow in dark condom, extra lubricated condom, big dotted condom, ice condom, warm condom, delay condom, etc.

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