How Effective Are Condom? Now more and more young consumer prefer to choose condom as their first tool to protect in sex. Playfulness aside, using a condom if you are sexually active can be a matter of life and death. As part of safe sex, condoms have been shown to protect against HIV/AIDS, as well as a variety of other sexually transmitted diseases, including hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis, and the virus that cause genital warts. They are also effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies, of course. How effective? That’s surprisingly hard to say, acknowledges Markus Steiner, PhD, MSPH, an epidemiologist at Family Health International and contributor of a chapter on condoms in the textbook Contraceptive Technology.

buy provigil drug Condoms only work if they are used consistently and correctly, and that is something and very difficult to study in people,” says Steiner. Studies estimate that of 100 couples using condoms consistently and correctly, 2% would become pregnant during the first year of use. In real life, however, people and condoms slip. So correct use, is the key for the product use, such as the the air in the condom’s nipple, which is very easy make condom burst, consumer must squeeze it out, but not everyone know the detail.

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