History of Japan Condom manufacturer

buy dapoxetine tablets buy accutane for cheap Condom’s history will more than 100 years now, and the condom production center also located at Asia recently. Japan is something like a country of condom and that is why we are publishing a little story about condom history in Japan (and condom history in general). During some research I have come across a lovely text by Fuji Latex, one of the biggest Japanese condom manufacturers, that is really fit for translation. What makes Japan so fascinating when it comes to condoms, is their incredible drive to innovation and creativity (we have covered the Astrology and Junko Mizuno condoms recently). Also much of the technology used by condom manufacturers today was invented by the Japanese companies. This is still true today: A super thin polyurethane condom was just released recently, which probably also is one of the most expensive ones on the market: 2000 Yen (22 USD) for 4 pieces. 0.01mm thickness really has too much advantage to 0.06 mm latex condom thickness, many consumer prefer to choose the thin condoms.