Gun Oil Anal Lubricant custom factory

click for info Gun Oil is a great lube for anal sex and prostate sex play. A winner from Empowered Products. Combining the superior glide and long-lasting lubrication of silicone with the less greasy ride of a water-based lube.

Tastylia (Tadalafil Oral Strips) Without Prescription Based on the top-rated Gun Oil, Empowered Products has increased the pleasure by combining the texture of a silicone-based lubricant and the convenience of the water based lube into one bottle. This hypoallergenic lube will leave you well oiled and irritation free. Non spermicidal. Apply as desired. This lube comes in a very masculine bullet shaped bottle that looks like it is straight out of an army surplus store. The actual bottle does a great job and is easy to store although I did find the pump to be very inadequate, it only dispenses the lube in small quantities and definitely requires a good few pumps to get enough lube out.

Gun Oil Force Recon lube promises the best of both worlds and it really does deliver, it has the long lasting, non-drying properties of a silicone-based lube with all the thick, slick, slimy goodness of a top-notch water-based lube.

It is very slippery with a nice solid texture making it a great all-round toy lube, it is also good for hand jobs and partner found the taste to be non-offensive but anal play is where this lube really shines due to its thickness and water resilience, shower time has never been so much fun!

As an gun oil anal lubricants custom factory, we can custom produce the gun oil in client own brand package, welcome your gun oil inquiry! if need own logo or brand, please make sure you are brand owner, or you get authrozation.