Good quality condoms deliver the mass of pleasant minutes

tinidazole shipped overnight delivery High quality condoms with double protection differ in special durability. Consist of hypoallergenic natural latex. Does not cause irritation not skin and genitals. In case the condom deteriorates or will be damaged, then because of addition of a spermatic the risk of emergence of pregnancy will decrease. This product will be suitable for any type of a penis and will deliver the mass of pleasant minutes for the woman. Convenient packing, hermetically packed goods will not be able to deteriorate in any situation.

Don’t be silly, protect your noodle with this condom

Made of 100% latex and comes pre-lubricated, this condom is safe to use, but not safe to eat.

This condom is not flavored. Please do not try to eat it.

Each box comes with 12 counts of individually packed condoms

Length: 18 cm

Width: 5.2 cm

Thickness: 0.06 mm

The detailed instruction will help to get rid of indecision and inexperience. Email: