German man sells turnkey condom manufacturing factory

can you buy Dilantin over the counter in usa Tastylia Supplier You maybe hear many business man sell condom, but if you hear any one sell condom factory as his business? 56 years old German entrepreneur Klaus Richter is selling ready-for-use condom factory worldwide, meaning you can order a complete manufacturing factory from him, and he ships practically everywhere in the world. What may sound as a joke at first but it is a serious business: Richter has so far sold over 100 factories worldwide. The factories are being put together and shipped from Penang, a port city in Malaysia. Richter says he already sold his production facility through his own company, “Richter Rubber”, to places like India, Mexico and Thailand and China. Two containers with 26sqm. of space are enough. Once the containers are at the hands of the new condom factory owners, it takes another 10 days of work to get the factory ready to roll out the first latex condom. One condom factory costs about $500,000, but for that money, Richter Rubber staff will set up the factories themselves, grant various warranties and instruct the new owners on all standard operating procedures. Richter says he produces the condom factories in Malaysia since labor costs are low, and high-quality natural rubber is virtually around every corner of here. if interest, please contact them.