Female condoms available now and in development

more helpful hints This is a mature product now. Existing and new designs of FCs are made from NRL,synthetic latex (nitrile) and polyurethane. Although different FCs often have unique design features, there are similarities between them with respect to basic function. All FCs require an anchor outside the vagina to prevent invagination (i.e., being pushed inside the vagina during use in sex). This basic feature, usually aring or frame, is also used for removal. A mechanism for inserting the device and stabilizing it once fitted is also required. The following section describes the different FCsthat are available now or are still in development and will be available within the next 2 to 5 years. welcome client contact us if you has any new idea, our engineers will study and work closely with you for the new project.

see this Now we can offer latex and polyurethane 2 types of material to produce female condom, MOQ is 100k pcs, welcome visit our production in site.