Female condoms are powerful tools for pleasure and prevention

buy prednisone online for dogs Female condoms are the only woman-initiated method available today that offers dual protection from unintended pregnancy and STIs, including HIV.  The ability of receptive partners to initiate condom use is particularly important in situations where they can’t negotiate male condom use. No longer must be the man do the decision around safer sex.

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Research shows that female condoms has higher rates of protected sex when they are promoted alongside male condoms.   Data also show that female condoms are  better than male condoms in preventing STIs and pregnancy. Because female condoms cover more of the external genitalia, they also offer increased protection against STIs that are transmitted skin-to-skin.


In addition to being effective contraceptive and STI/HIV prevention tools, female condoms can be cost effective when offered as part of a well-planned STI and pregnancy prevention program. Mathematical modeling conducted in South Africa, Brazil, and the United States comparing the costs of female condom programming to the costs of HIV treatment have shown that female condom distribution can lead to substantial cost savings to the health sector.


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