Famous Aphrodisiac intimate lubricants manufacturer: Oncore Lubricant Gel

buy cheap priligy online Aphrodisiac together with the personal lubricants is a good combination, which will increase the sex desire and booster the sex fun. Not only good for men, but also good news for female, it’s really a great combination.

YOURURL.com Intimate sex pleasure is an important part of a healthy adult life. It is normal, natural and fun. Sometimes though, due to factors like stress, hormone fluctuations or tiredness, your body may not always respond the way you would like it to. The mind may be willing but the body needs a helping hand. The personal lubricants will be the best choice for the special moments.

http://adkbrothersltd.com/product/de-kuyper-cherry-brandy-50cl-liqueurs/?add-to-cart=1564 In this case, personal lubricants can be of help. With this in mind, an Australian personal lube company has developed a lubricant personal gel with Aphrodisiac qualities.

Oncore cream has been developed over 2 years through research by various professionals including botanists, biochemists, medical professionals and homeopaths. In addition, Oncore gels feel, glide taste and overall performance has been tested by many couples and singles. Oncore is totally chemical free and has been approved by the necessary regulatory authorities .

Oncore Lubricant cream is a herbal pleasure-enhancing gel that is fun, safe, natural and people-friendly. A quality sex lube gel that is redefining standards in the world of personal lubricants. Oncore Lubricant Gel contains three natural herbs that are each renowned for their aphrodisiac qualities. They are suspended in a purified water base with aromatic smell of peaches.

Oncore is a World First… combining good science and homeopathy taking lubricant creams into the 21st century

It feels good, smells good and tastes good (Peach Fetish)

Active Ingredients: Avena Sativa Saw Palmetto and Sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed).

Directions: Apply to skin of close contact body parts, before or during intimate encounters for maximum glide. You will like it if once have chance to try, it’s a amazing products in audlt world.