extra safe condom for anal sex

Unlike thin condoms that can increase pleasure,extra safe condom can be  published here thick condoms which can be helpful for men who want to http://westernappliancerepairboise.com/search/fftr2021td/ decrease the sensation.
Men who have a problem with premature ejaculation should try using this kind of condom.

Besides decreasing the sensation, thick condoms are  home more tear resistant, therefore they are considered a bit safer than regular condoms. For that reason some recommend these condoms for anal sex. People who want to feel extra safe will also use them.

Now, you wont usually find condoms being labeled as “thick” or “thickest”, but extra strength condoms are usually thicker than average.

We can produce the thick condoms wit thickness at 0.1mm, welcome inquire us if interest, email: rita@mangocondom.com