Eco-friendly Condoms Green Johnny From The Amazon

find Natex, a Brazilian condom company founded by the Public Health Ministry and the government of the federal state of Acre, will manufacture male preservatives from pure natural latex extracted from the Amazon rain forest in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. These latex condoms will be solely sold to the federal government for its national program to combat STD/Aids.

view publisher site It is unlikely you ever will get a chance to use the green condom, a male preservative based on eco-friendly extracted natural latex from the Amazon rain forest. Maybe when you ever visit Brazil during the carnival or one of the holiday centers you might be offered one of the 120 million condoms courtesy of the federal government of Brazil. Brazil’s Public Health Ministry distributes the free condoms as part of its successful Health Programs to combat STD/Aids.

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Up until now, approx 120 million latex condoms in Brazil were imported from China condom factory, South Korea and Thailand, made from cultivated rubber trees. That will change soon.The expected initial production of the Natex condoms will be 100 million pieces a year. The factory, the only one in the world to use natural latex as raw material, will have a future capacity of 270 million condoms a year. The construction of the latex condom factory is based upon sustainable, social and environmental development.

Natex will create 150 direct jobs and employ 700 native families of the Chico Mendes reservation for the supply of the raw material. It is estimated that in the Amazon rain forest of Acre some 70.000 native rubber tappers are active.