Do condoms prevent against HPV?

buy generic priligy uk Though condoms offer some protection against HPV, it is not 100%. The virus causing genital warts is not just found on the penis and inside the vagina. It is also found around the genital area. This area is not covered by the condom and therefore, protection is not full.

buy priligy uk online Condoms can only protect one against HPV if it worn throughout the sexual act and not just during intercourse. This is so because HPV can enter the human through touch and oral sex. Therefore, if indulging in oral sex, one should wear a condom in order to reduce the chances of infection.

Condoms which are torn during the course of the sexual act will not prevent against HPV. Therefore, it is mandatory to wear it properly and before the act commences.

Genital warts sometimes can’t be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, a person may not be even aware that he has them. In such a case, a condom will not protect one against HPV because the hidden warts may still come in contact with the genital area of the other person and cause infection.

Anal sex is another way of contracting HPV. Many couples do not wear condoms while indulging in it, thinking that just because there is no chance of an unwanted pregnancy, it is completely. What they forget is the fact that the HPV can reside in the anal area too and can be transmitted during sex.

Condom also is the best effective way in preventing pregnancy and STIs. Condom email: