Custom clients own label condom with premium quality

click over here Latex is the main material for condom production, which Latex tapped from rubber trees in Malaysia is the vital ingredient in the manufacture of condoms. The latex high consistency quality invariably attains Malaysian-made condoms the label as leader in the industry.

investigate this site Condom plant is designed and built to comply to Good Manufacturing Practices and is a major influence in its development. At the production level, the management always strive for excellence and to comply to most of the countries quality assurance standards. International standards already complied are ASTM, BSI, ISO, EN, CCCLP, etc. All these standards are made possible with the installation of sophisticated production machinery and testing facilities. Under the innovative production management, a systematic and computerized system of production were introduced to increase efficiency, productivity and quality control. As a customized factory, we also can custom produce clients own label products, welcome inquiry us! Emaill: