Contoured condom with 3in1

where can i buy priligy Romeo contoured condom is a three-in-one sensation with its specially positioned ribs and raised dots to stimulate the most sensitive areas of enhanced pleasure and an intensified experience. Enjoy with your partner the safe and intense experience of anatomic Prudence Extreme.

  • Ribbed, Studded and Contoured
  • Natural Latex condoms
  • Lubricated
  • Color: Transparent
  • Type: 52mm regular
  • Length:  180 mm (minimum)
  • Use condom only once
  • 100% electronically tested

see this Note:  Protect from heat, direct sun rays, and mechanical damage.

Store in cool and dry place

Our ROMEO condom also has classic condom, dotted condom, ribbed condom, flavored condom, extra large condom and delay condom, ultra thin condom.

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