condoms width is important for users

buy provigil online in canada Width of condoms is important because it is one of the main factors in determining whether the condom is easy to put on, stays on in use, and is comfortable to the user. Condoms are made in various widths. Based on studies in Australia, Thailand and the USA, and the experience of major agencies , the wider condoms (flat width 52-55 mm) will be preferred in Australia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and North America, and the narrower condoms (47-51 mm) will be preferred in several Asian countries, AND mainly in India. From viewpoints of Latex condom plant, 52 mm is the most suitable width for most Asian countries. WHO specifies width of 49 mm or 53 mm with a tolerance of +/-2 for individual condoms and +/-1 for average of the lot. Most African consumer use 52mm width also workable, only one third consumer need to choose extra width condom, such as 55mm maybe better for them.

buy prednisone dose pack As a factory, we also can custom produce clients own size if you still need large size than 55mm. Which need open the new dipping molds and ask large MOQ, we can discuss in email of the details.