condoms for contraception

official source If condom used correctly every time, that are 98% effective. This means that two out of 100 women using male condoms as contraception will become pregnant in a year. You can get free condoms from contraception clinics, sexual health clinics and some GP surgeries. Oil-based products, such as moisturiser, lotion and Vaseline, can make latex and polyisoprene condoms less effective, but they are safe to use with condoms made from polyurethane or polyisoprene. Water-based lubricant, available in pharmacies and sexual health clinics, is safe to use with all condoms. It’s possible for a condom to slip off during sex. If this happens, you may need emergency contraception, and to get checked for STIs. Condoms need to be stored in places that are not too hot or cold, and away from sharp or rough surfaces that could tear them or wear them away. As a big condom plant, we make sure the quality in production and packing and offer consumer the best quality and soft feeling condoms, welcome contact us.