Condom production Moulding Process The condom is produced continuously by glass dipping molds install on chain conveyor, which will traverse, up and down, turning the course, on the whole dipping process in a continuous cycle.

Our site Glass moulds will be gradually descended and dipped into the dipping tank filled up with the compounded latex. Glass moulds sticked with the compounded latex are then sent to drying tunnel, and again to the dipping tank and drying tunnel, via., twice dipping to protect from pin-hole and to strengthen the condom film. Glass molds are steam splashed, and automatically form a ring at the open end of condom while passing through roller. The condom removed from glass molds by stripper is automatically fed through belt conveyor to next process, vulcanizing process. Glass moulds after being taken off the condom are washed, dried, and cooled, then sent to dipping tank again.

This process make the condom formed into its shape, but it’s not so stable and durable, the next process is vulcanizing which will make it more stronger and workable to use.