Condom earrings jewelry is for the stylishly safe USA condom fashion news: SAN JOSE, Calif. — Behind those $10 diamond-shaped earrings with the mysteriously smiling Mona Lisa and that $6 pin with a Monopoly game board on the front is a little something extra a condom. Joan Rivers called them “cute” on her television talk show, pronounced them as having “class” and then quipped, “giving me a condom box is like giving Bart Simpson a book.” Rep. Patricia Schroeder, D-Colo., had an aide call the San Leandro company after she heard about them and word is that most of the women on her staff are now wearing them.

additional resources “Our novelty condom products have a cultivation time,” says Brian O’Hare, co-owner with his wife, Lorene, of the disposable jewelry line Profoolery. “We are a novelty, we are a jewelry and we are a condom. People initially go ‘What?’ and then they are crazy, enthusiastic about it.” Lorene O’Hare came up with the idea of condom jewelry four years ago after joking with a female friend about women going out for the evening and wanting to carry a condom, but not a handbag. O’Hare went to a crafts store for supplies and started decorating condom packages, creating the first earrings, which she wore to work at Kaiser Hospital in Hayward, Calif., where she is a physical therapist. This is good for promotion of condom use. Encourage more and more consumer choose condom.