Condom Appeared after Global Epidemic of Syphilis

buy antabuse australia how to buy prednisone online If you know when has the condoms? And why it comes into the world? There is a large variety of condoms to choose from. The word “condom” has been on everyone’s lips since the early 1980s as an awareness campaign for AIDS gained momentum. On the other hand, the condom as the world’s oldest device used for the purpose of preventing and/or transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) still gives rise to a lot of questions in terms of its origin. The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492 paved the way for a new era. One year later, Columbus and his crews returned to Barcelona from the West Indies. The Spanish court paid great homage to Columbus and his men. However, not only gold and spices arrived aboard his ships. Horrifying rumors about a mysterious disease spread by seamen and soldiers began to circulate through Europe shortly after the return of Columbus’ ships. Syphilis, an incurable disease at the time, quickly began to take its deadly toll of the populations in Europe, India and China. Syphilis was cynically dubbed “the present from the New World” or the “aborigines’ revenge.” After all tests, condom became the final savoir for people.