Choose best lubricants for your sex love Lubricants can increase sexual pleasure.   A good lube can help get things nice and slippery and can help move intercourse along. Lube is also great to use to enhance the pleasure of using sex toys.

Since some lubricants can increase the chances for vaginal yeast infections,  and can also interfere with the effectiveness of some contraceptives. Do choose the best lubricant for you and your partner. Water based lubricants are the most normal type of lubricants you’ll find. Generally, these are very safe. Water based lubricants are very easy to clean up, unlike some other options. These lubricants are also available in many different options, like flavorings, colorings and even edible flavors. One disadvantage is that they dry up more quickly. Silicon based lubricants are another option. This kind of lubricant lasts longer and doesn’t dry as quickly as the water based type. However, this type of lubricant is more difficult to clean up than water based lubricant.

Don’t use any oils you find around the home like massage oil or cooking oil with latex because it increases the chance of breakage.

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