Checking condom expiration date is necessary.

buy dapoxetine uk follow link In the heat of the moment, barely and you have time to get a condom … I doubt you stop to check if it could be expired or not. However … you should do it. Overdue condoms are a real concern that many of us are not considering. What are condoms made of? condoms are made of 1 of 3 materials: latex, polyurethane or lambskin. There are people who are allergic to latex, so they opt for other options. And there are others that report greater sensitivity with lambskin, although it does not necessarily prevent the transmission of STIs. What all these materials have in common is that they do not last forever. How long do they last?

Latex condoms usually last 5 years, after their manufacturing date, but this can vary depending on lubrication and spermicide. And instead of calculating how long your condoms will last, the ideal is to check the expiration date printed on the package. Storage must also be taken into consideration, because if it is exposed to a lot of light or heat, its life will be much shorter. The harsh reality is that most men do not know that condoms have an expiration date … and if they know it, they never check it. Carefully check the condom expiration date before buying a condom.