Ultra thin condom

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There are some condoms which can help increase pleasure.

Buying for a condom isn’t just about protection. Apart from size and fit, there are condoms which can help increase pleasure, ones that are thinner so if you want to feel closer to your partner, and even flavoured condoms for something a bit different. The different textured condom provided by these condoms can feel as exciting as a sex toy. You can also enhance pleasure by using a lubricant. Some lubes are even designed to stimulate blood flow to your sexual regions for even more enjoyment. Spice up your sex life today. Buy form our large range of condoms and lubes for you and your partner. We specialize in manufacturing condoms with different textures, sizes, styles, colors and flavors. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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Best ultra thin condom for Christmas

Do you wish have a special Christmas holiday? Do you want enjoy the best love with your partner? Try ultra thin condom, and enjoy the true skin feeling.

Our company successfully produced the ultra thin condoms with thickness 0.04mm, 0.045mm, which is more thin than Trojan’s bareskin and Durex extra sensitive, and our cost has better control than both brands, welcome choose it.

If you want more thinner condom, we suggest you choose our polyurethane condom at 0.02mm. It’s like wear nothing, and people who latex allergy also can enjoy it.

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Are condom thickness paramount?

When you choose condom, you also need to consider the thickness of condoms and the choices you have. If you have a thinner penis maybe you should try extra strong condoms which are slightly thicker and could add a little extra help in the girth department, and extra peace of mind too. If you have a thicker penis why not try a thinner condom like our polyurethane condom. Although they are thinner, they still provide the same high level of reassurance and protection, and they’re shaped to be easier to put on and provide a sleek fit and feeling during sex. We both can produce extra strong and extra thin condoms. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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Non latex condom with premium quality

An allergy to latex can easily derail any plans you may have had. Symptoms can range from redness and blistering, to a runny nose and watery eyes. While condom allergies are not genetically avoidable, they are preventable, and it’s best to research the right brand and product for your individual situation and preference. Whether you or your partner face the turmoil that comes with latex condoms, it’s important to find something that won’t destroy the moment and still offer the protection you both deserve. It’s imperative to remember that condoms prevent against pregnancy, but not against the sniffles, a rash, or other less-than-attractive ailments. If you are allergic to latex condom, please choose non latex condom such as polyurethane condom. Email:linda@oemcondoms.com

ultra sensitive natural feel condoms

Consumer always don’t like to use condoms, which reduce their pleasure and feeling of partner’s skin, so we need offer them more sensitive product, Feel more of her so she can feel more of you. Ultra Sensitive condoms enhance sensitivity for a more natural, pleasurable feel.

  • Flared shape enhances sensitivity for a natural feel
  • Specially lubricated for maximum pleasure
  • Premium quality latex
  • Low latex scent
  • Reservoir tip for safety and comfort

welcome inquiry us of this special type condom, our company can custom produce for you. MOQ is 300K pcs.

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Natural feel condom is a truly natural sensual feeling

Our Natural feel condoms are ultra thin with extra lubricant for a truly natural sensual feeling. The lubricant is water based offering natural comfort and invisible protection. They are easy on shaped to provide a better fit and feel during love making enhancing sensitivity and comfort.

Natural Feel Condoms

Ultra thin

Extra Lubricant

Comfortable & protected

Easy-on shape for better fit & feel

Enhances Sensitivity & Comfort

This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction. Want to buy natural latex super thin condoms. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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Do ultra thin condoms easily to break?

Ultra Thin condoms aim to increase pleasure by mimicking the feel of wearing nothing at all. Thinner condoms means there’s less of a barrier between you and your partner, so you can feel each other more and there’s more heat transfer between you two.

But people may doubt that ultra thin condom will break easily. That’s not correct.

Ultra thin condoms aren’t more likely to break than regular condoms — like all condoms you can find in a drug store or health center, they’ve been rigorously tested for quality, and wouldn’t be on the market if they were more likely to break (that would make them defective).

Don’t worry about the quality for our ultra thin condoms. They have high quality for guarantee the safe. Welcome contact: rita@mangocondom.com

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Large thin condoms make more comfortable

Large condoms are longer and wider than standard condoms. Most condoms are 180mm long and 52mm wide. The condoms on this page are longer than 180mm and also 55mm wide or more. For those who need a larger condom typically find that wider condoms feel bigger. For those who need a big condom, it’s also wise to consider large thin condoms, as the latex is likely to be more comfortable when it stretches. For this reason, and the fact that each man has an individual shape, we strongly recommend trying a range of wide condom products before settling on one.

To buy large thin condoms, inquire factory: rita@mangocondom.com

strawberry flavored condoms

Strawberry flavored condoms with premium quality

We produce ultra thin condom using the best non-toxic latex, the condoms produced smooth, thin and silky, you feel like there’s nothing wear at all. They are lubricated with premium lubricant. The strawberry flavor spicing up your sex life. They’re with good smell, and every condom is triple tested for strength and durability to give you peace of mind every time you use one. They don’t have nasty rubbery and latex smell, it is more natural fit for it’s ultra thin.

Boosting your sexual experience by using the premium strawberry flavored condoms, contact email to order: rita@mangocondom.com

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Do ultra thin condom with good quality?

The ultra thin condoms aim to increase pleasure by mimicking the feel of wearing nothing at all. Thinner condoms means there’s less of a barrier between you and your partner, so you can feel each other more and there’s more heat transfer between you too.

Our ultra thin condom with thickness 0.045mm, and you don’t need worry about breakage. These thin condoms offer just as much protection as regular ones. And price is affordable by most clients.

Welcome contact us if you interest in this ultra thin condom, email: rita@mangocondom.com

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