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Problem finding the right size condom? The right size gives increased security. We is designed for you who understand the importance of having a condom in the right size.  Have you ever agreed that the condom slipped off or that the penis relaxed when you use the condom? Then your condom may not be the correct size. You can test your systematically until you find the perfect size.

view website If you want to measure your penis size easily, has developed a  smooth penometer .Appeared new sizes, to suit a wide range of needs. Small condom is a sharp slender type of small diameter  condoms than  standard size products. Do you now, it try this small condom is loose in please use condoms or not get satisfactory fit? More satisfactory, recommended to those seeking fit. We produce small and large size condoms. Email:

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Choosing the best fit condom for yourself. Although you specialize in using condoms, something about condoms you may don’t know. When you choosing condoms, you should keep in mind that some condoms don’t protect from sexual transmitted diseases (Like lambskin condoms). Some condoms can’t be used with oil based lubricants (latex condoms). If you are allergic to latex, you can choose polyurethane condom.

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Why small size condom easy to tear?

If the width or length of the condom does not fit the size of your penis, the condom can withstand pressure beyond its tolerance, resulting in tearing it down. We have repeatedly talked about the importance of condom sizes. As an adult, you should know that condoms are not “Free Size” products. We recommend that you read our knowledge about the importance of measuring the size of the penis and using the correct size of the condom if you do not have enough information about it.

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Types of condom provide best possible choice of contraception

Various types, colors, sizes and price condoms provide customers the best possible choice of contraception, is extremely as per their needs and individual needs.

Different types of condoms brands involve the use of different materials, surfaces and structural compositions of lubricants. So the condom manufacturer offers a fairly wide range, focused on different age groups. So, the older generation prefers the classic products with very thin and smooth structure. While the youth like to experience with colors, aromas and textured surfaces protective products. If you buy types of condom, please contact us. Email:

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Regular condoms are too small?

Our extra large size condoms 56x190mm are significantly larger than other large condoms. These condoms will offer extra comfort to anyone who search for regular size condoms either too tight, or too short. Condom Size really does matter? Than the Magnum condoms are just the right thing for you!  Our Best Magnum condoms are larger than regular condoms, silicone lubricated and made from latex. They will help you to feel comfortably protected and assure the same safety as a regular condom. All our large size condoms are electronically tested in order to reach the European standards of safety. Larger condom give you much fun. Email:

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Which condom size people use?

Generally speaking, there are three size condoms: small size condom, regular size condom and large size condom.

Small size condom- 47±2mm in width and 180±10mm in length. It fit those with a penis girth below 119mm.

Regular size condom- 52±2mm in width and 180±10mm in length. It fit those with a penis girth between 119mm and 130mm.

Larger size condom- 56±2mm in width and 190±10mm in length. It fit those with a penis girth bigger than 130mm.

To determine which of the 3 size categories you fit into, simply slide a toilet paper roll over your erect penis and gage the fit.

The regular size condom fit for more than 70% people if with good elastics and good quality. Some people have big size penis can easily find the large condom too. See carefully for the introduce on the packing box. And if you need a small size condom, don’t feel embarrassment too, the fit size also will help you enjoy pleasant sex love.


Choose the right size condom is crucial, custom your own condom from our factory, welcome contact:

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Small condoms make you fit better and feel better

Do you find that condoms are much too large for you? Do they slip or fall off entirely during use? It’s an extremely common issue. There have been many condom inventions that we have manufactured . But the extra small condoms we actually owe a very important part of our lives to. It’s small, well, actually depends on your size preference, but it’s been a help to every man and woman on the face of the Earth. It’s easily found but people are just too shy to get it and forget that it’s for their own good. If you still don’t get it, we’re talking about the small condoms. Those little rubbery things have saved us so many times that we’ve lost count. When your condom fits better, it’s going to feel better too. So as well as making the condom fit and stay more securely in place during use, you’re going to enjoy using it more too. It’s really obvious when you think about it. Email:

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Find a male condom which fits properly

There are many different types and brands of condoms that vary in features such as shape, size, color, lubrication, thickness, texture, and whether or not they are added with spermicide.

Although there are considerable variations between the sizes of individual penises, there is no established market of different sized condoms, even in developed countries. Users should be advised to try different brands to find out which size fits best. Condoms of 49mm width are readily available and are the best size for a smaller condom. The most common size are 52mm. Although there is no standard size for larger condoms, some condom manufacturers produce condoms of 56mm width. large size condoms and small size condoms manufacturers. Email:

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Condom manufacturer makes small size condoms for adolescents

At the request of an AIDS awareness organization, one condom manufacturer in Switzerland recently started selling smaller-sized prophylactics intended for use among 12- to 14-year-olds in an effort to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce sexually transmitted infections among an increasingly younger sexually active population. As ABC News reported back in March, Lamprecht AC began manufacturing the smaller condoms sold under the name Ceylor Hot Shot, after they were approached by AIDS-Hilfe Switzerland. The organization had reportedly conducted extensive research on the need for smaller condoms among younger, sexually active individuals. As a spokeswoman for Lamprecht AC told ABC News: “They needed a smaller-sized condom and asked us if we could manufacture it.”  this company will help the adolescents find their own size condom easily and protect them in proper way.

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Are Snug Fit Condoms Suit for You?

Condoms are essential intimacy tools that all couples must consider using. Currently, they are the most convenient and the easiest to use contraceptives. You can purchase condoms from corner stores and pharmacies or the online store easily. Their efficiency rate never goes down 90%. Condoms provide a level of protection couples shouldn’t do without.

Right now, there are different kinds and types of condoms available in the market. And knowing which type and kind would work for you best is the ultimate priority. One of your choices out there is the smaller, snugger fit condoms. Are these the ones for you? you can try different size to find the available one for you. but we suggest ry the snug fit one at first if you are first time use condom in your young time.


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