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Non latex condom with premium quality

An allergy to latex can easily derail any plans you may have had. Symptoms can range from redness and blistering, to a runny nose and watery eyes. While condom allergies are not genetically avoidable, they are preventable, and it’s best to research the right brand and product for your individual situation and preference. Whether you or your partner face the turmoil that comes with latex condoms, it’s important to find something that won’t destroy the moment and still offer the protection you both deserve. It’s imperative to remember that condoms prevent against pregnancy, but not against the sniffles, a rash, or other less-than-attractive ailments. If you are allergic to latex condom, please choose non latex condom such as polyurethane condom. Email:linda@oemcondoms.com

Why should we use the latex free condoms?

Most consumers are free to use latex condom, which is soft and good feeling, and Latex is the material that was originally found to be the best all-round option for making the condom product, but unfortunately some of us are allergic to it. Latex-free condoms are made from a different non-latex material. Durex Real Feel latex-free condoms are made from Polyisoprene, a material that makes them suitable for people who have an allergy to natural rubber latex proteins.

If you do have an allergy to latex material, any adverse reactions are in the last place you want them – your nether regions, and anyone who suffers will tell you that an itchy painful rash down there is not a good way to enjoy the sex. Latex-free condoms allow those of you with an allergy to have a safe pain-free sex life. So enjoy your sex with your partner by latex free condoms.

As an custom condom manufacturer, we can offer you polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms in clients own brand, welcome inquiry us by email.


latex condom,non latex condom,polyurethane condom

Are all condoms latex?

Are all condoms latex?

Latex condom is common and widely used. Better prevent HIV,STDS,PREGNANT. But it includes natural rubber latex, may cause latex allergic.

But don’t worry, those who latex allergic can choose non latex condom. Such as polyurethane condoms. PU condom is our new and recommended products in 2018.

It has thickness of 0.01mm,0.02mm,0.03mm.Here we suggest 0.02mm. They are now in the testing process and price acceptable. We trust we can cooperate in future soon.

Contact email: rita@mangocondom.com

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Condoms are inexpensive, readily available, and highly effective

If you are finding for protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) without a prescription, condoms may be a good way to explore. They’re discrete, relatively inexpensive, and don’t involve any synthetic hormones. Condoms are also readily available at your nearest convenience drug store or supermarket.

Condoms are inexpensive, readily available, and highly effective at preventing pregnancy and protecting against STIs. Since natural materials like lambskin are porous, use latex or polyurethane options for better protection against STIs. Regardless of what brand or type you choose, always take the time to use them correctly.

Although using condoms is an excellent way for you to have safe sex, there are many other ways available as well. Speak with your partner about what works for your relationship and lifestyle. Some couples choose to use a backup method, such as birth control pills or IUDs, along with condoms for additional protection. Also you can experiment with different types, styles, and sizes of condoms to find what feels and works best. custom condom factory. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

Ultra thin plus studs condoms for maximum stimulation

Do you want sex experience with the best condoms. Use super thin for ultimate sensitivity, plus studs for maximum stimulation.

Our thinnest textured condom for ultimate sensitivity

Elevated studs throughout the condom for maximum pleasure.

Comfort condom shape provides a roomy design for additional comfort

Silky smooth lubrication for comfort and sensitivity

Special reservoir tip for extra safety

Our condom are made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of pregnancy and STIs

Each condom is electronically tested to help ensure reliability.

Welcome to inquiry our ultra thin with extra studs condoms. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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Who can use the condoms?

Most people can safely use condoms. There are many different types and brands of male condom, and it’s up to you and your partner which type of condom you prefer. However, condoms may not be the most suitable method of contraception for everyone.

Some couples are sensitive to the chemicals in latex condoms. If this is a problem, polyurethane or polyisoprene condoms have a lower risk of causing an allergic reaction.

Men who may have difficulty keeping an erection may not be suitable to use male condoms, as the penis must be erect to prevent semen leaking from the condoms, or the condom slipping off.  Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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Super thin latex 0.045mm condoms make your hearts closer when making love.

Our Latex 0.045mm is a natural latex condom from one of the top selling condoms with high-end technology.

Our Latex 0.045mm Standard is as thin as 0.045mm, yet very flexible and durable. It provide your hearts closer when making love.

Ordinary condoms become thicker as it goes to the top edge. We think the thinner top edge will give a better feeling and uses its high-end technology to enable our condom to have even thinness from top edge to bottom edge. This is why latex0.045mm feels as if you are not using it.

Latex 0.045mm condom is so thin that you can clearly see the words through it. Feel and wear it, and you’ll be surprised how thin they are. It feels as if you’re not wearing it.

Latex 0.045mm condom is so durable that it won’t break as it balloons out this much.

Our latex 0.045mm condom is flexibly stretches out and fits to your penis, which is evident when you pour water into it! Welcome to inquiry our super thin latex condoms. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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Choose the right material of condom

To have safe sex, choose the right material for yourself. Lambskin condoms have microscopic holes that, while small enough to stop the sperm, are big enough to allow viruses safe passage. These condoms, therefore, do not offer adequate protection against HIV. If you are allergic to latex (or if you simply want the safest option), consider polyurethane condoms. Although they are more expensive, they’re thinner and stronger than latex condoms, nonporous and nonpermeable to all viruses (including HIV), hypoallergenic, safe to use with oil-based products, and heat conductive, which is supposed to make them transmit sensations between partners better. As a condom factory, we can supply you different kinds material of condom, such as polyurethane, polyisoprene and latex condom. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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Do female condoms prevent against STDs?

Female condoms are a lubricated polyurethane (plastic) or latex tube that has a flexible ring at each end. One end of the tube is closed. Female condoms offer some protection against sexually transmitted diseases, but the male condoms give the best protection if you have sex. Female condoms should not be used in combination with male condoms. The friction of the two could result in condom failure.

Same as the male condom, the female condoms are available at drug stores without a prescription. As a condom factory, we can supply you female condoms. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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Using additional personal lubricants with condoms

Condoms can be produced ready lubricated to make them easier to use, but you may would like to use additional lubricant, or lube. This is particularly recommended for anal sex, to reduce the chance of the condom splitting.

Any types of personal lubricants can be used with condoms which are not made of latex. However, if you are using latex or polyisoprene condoms, do not use oil-based lubricants, such as:

  • body oil or lotion
  • petroleum jelly or creams (such as Vaseline)

This is because they can damage the condoms and make it more likely to breakage. Personal lubricants suppliers and manufacturers. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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