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Best bare skin condoms

Bare skin condom we mean condoms extra thin and also with good quality. our company successfully produced 0.035mm, 0.045mm so thin latex condom. They offer consumers the real skin feeling and feel like wear nothing. If you wish experience the extreme sensitivity feeling, choose the real thin condom. Contact:

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Brand new condoms supplier

Mango condom is a new brand in market and develop quickly. They’re popular and focus on middle-high market with the premium quality. Soft thin features give you the extreme excited feelings. Different types and sizes of Mango condom can be chosen for variety experience. Brand new condoms supplier welcome your inquiry. Email condom:

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Green color condom factory

Product name: natural rubber latex condom

Shape: plain, dotted, ribbed, 3in1

Color:green, also can customize other color

Specification: 52*180mm, 55*190mm

Packing: bulk, 3pcs box, 12pcs box, according to clients requirement

Quality: 100% electronically tested, air burst test, air volume test, water leakage test

Certificate: ISO13485, CE, FDA

Welcome visit our company, you can check our condom producing and quality test. Contact:

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what is the best kind of condom?

You probably do not give much thought to condoms when it comes to your sex pleasure. After all, you use them to protect yourself from STIs and an unintended pregnancy, and their effectiveness is priority number one concern. While condoms usually do their job when they are used correctly, they can do more than just offer protection. In fact, some of the best condoms on the market can actually enhance a woman’s pleasure experience. “There are many different types of condoms out there for pleasure,” says sex therapist Debra Laino. Textures are a big bonus when you are using a condom—some brands offer ridges or studs, which can create different sensations in your vagina. “That’s very pleasurable for many women,” Laino says.

The best kind of condoms are those which not only can offer protection, they also can increase the pleasure. As a condom producer, we invent many new types condom, some of them already got the very positive market feedback.


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Spike condom make sex extra pleasurable

Enjoy 3 times the pleasure with a bumper pack of SPIKE condoms. Individually wrapped lubricated condoms for endless protection. Enhance your sex life with this pack of stimulating condoms. Sure to give you all the protection you need, whilst ensuring a thrilling experience for both you, and your partner. Scintillating bumps and ribbing creates pleasant sensations with each thrust. Spike condom makes sex extra pleasurable for both partners. Spike condom supplier:

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Mango classic condom for confidence

The Classic Mango condom for basic confidence.


Product Features

-Nominal width 52mm

-Transparent, lubricated and teat ended

-100% electronically tested

-Soft, Safe, Sensitive


Mango classic condoms made of premium natural rubber latex, transparent, non-spermicide lubricated with reservoir end. They ‘re soft, comfortable and incredibly sensitive, which will give you subtle and smooth sensations of pleasure. Feels Like The Real Thing.


Welcome distribute our Mango brand condom with premium quality. Email:

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Funny Personalized Condoms suppliers

As a custom condom factory, we can produce clients own label condom at different types, esp the funny type condom. These are the perfect gift, gag, or joke for friends, family, and loved ones. Want to see our other designs? Have a laugh with these hilarious funny condoms, which condom are FDA approved, premium latex condoms that have a 5 year shelf life. They are just as safe and reliable as the brands that you would find in your local market.

welcome offer us any new ideas on condom, we can study and research for you.

we have own engineers team who has more than 20 years work experience in condom production, and they already helped many American or Eu clients successfully produced their own patent products. welcome cooperate with you on condom project!


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