Latex condom

silicone lubricated condom

Extra Lubricated condom to enhance intimacy

i need to buy Lyrica viagra priligy online purchase These condoms are extra lubricated with silicone-based lube to give greater comfort and smoothness. Extra Lubricated condoms are specifically and expertly designed with female (and male) requests in mind to make protected sex feel more natural and pleasurable for both of you. Condoms are a highly effective way of preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections and pregnancy when used as directed. For correct use, see package instructions. Even if you’re using other methods of birth control to prevent pregnancy, using a condom each time you have sex helps to prevent against STIs. Use as directed. Email:

stimulating condom,dotted condom,ribbed condom

Stimulating condoms type

Stimulating ribbed and dotted texture with lubricant. Ribbed and dotted condoms for a more intense experience and the maximum sexual stimulation. They’re tested to ensure meets worldwide condoms standards, giving people the best protection. Stimulating condom has type like dotted condom, ribbed condom, 3in1 condom, spike condom. Condom contact email:

green color condom,colored condom supplier,color condom producer

Green color condom factory

Product name: natural rubber latex condom

Shape: plain, dotted, ribbed, 3in1

Color:green, also can customize other color

Specification: 52*180mm, 55*190mm

Packing: bulk, 3pcs box, 12pcs box, according to clients requirement

Quality: 100% electronically tested, air burst test, air volume test, water leakage test

Certificate: ISO13485, CE, FDA

Welcome visit our company, you can check our condom producing and quality test. Contact:

classic condom, male condom supplier, custom male latex condom

Classic male latex condom manufacturer

Classic and timeless, provides contraceptive protection and safe prophylaxis
Reliable condom for natural pleasure
Smooth and transparent surface with natural color
Lubricating coating and seminal finish
Nominal width 52 mm

Classic condoms in silicon lubricant with reservoir. The Quality of the our classic male condoms is guaranteed by application of modern high-tech equipment and multilevel thorough electronic control in all manufacture stages. To buy high quality male condom, please send us email:

male latex condom, latex conodm supplier, MANGO condom manufacturer

MANGO classic condom perfect for natural feeling

MANGO classic condom is with natural fit for comfort and reassurance. These classic condoms are made from natural latex, perfect for some natural fun with confidence. Transparent with a teat end and a non medicated lubricant. No method of contraception can give you 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or other sexually transmitted infection.

  • 100% electronically tested
  • Conforms to ISO 4074:2002

If you want to be our MANGO classic condom distributors, please feel free to contact us. Email:

custom condom, condom manufacturer, good quality condom

How does condom prevent the sexual transmission of HIV?

Condom helps prevent transmission by reducing the risk of an exposure to HIV during sex. The studies show that the materials used to make most condoms (such as latex, nitrile, polyurethane and polyisoprene) do not let HIV pass through them. Condoms act as a barrier to HIV infection by preventing the vagina, penis, rectum and mouth from being exposed to bodily fluids (such as semen, vaginal fluid and rectal fluid) that can contain HIV.

Some condoms are made of a thin membrane of sheep intestine, and are also known as lambskin condoms. These condoms can be used to help prevent pregnancy but since HIV can pass through them, they should not be used as an HIV prevention strategy. If you want to custom own brand condom, please send us email:

extra dotted condom, dotted condom manufacturer

Extra Dotted Condom stimulates both partners

Nowadays, condoms are more than just a way to protect the partners from unwanted pregnancies and STDs. While those two still stay the main advantages of using condoms, condoms like Extra Dotted Condom have revolutionized the way to make love.

These condoms have become tools to control sex lives, by infusing new sensations and new varieties in the bedroom. Extra Dotted Condom stimulates both partners. It is made with natural rubber latex to offer complete protection from unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Coated with a lubricant that facilitates penetration and enhances sexual performance. Welcome to inquiry extra dotted condom. Email:

MANGO condom, Classic male condom supplier, custom brand condom manufactuer

MANGO Classic male condom supplier

The classic condom shape, thin thickness and extremely silky.  A special lubricant give them softness and feel irresistible so that all your hugs are filled with sweetness!

Presented in pack of 3 units, 12units and 144units.

These condoms meet the standards of European regulations, in order to guarantee effective protection against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. MANGO condom will make you spend excellent pleasure moments when you forget everything! Email:

MANGO classic condom, MANGO brand condom manufacturer, MANGO brand condom producer

MANGO Classic condom producer

MANGO Classic condoms are a simple example of a condom without N-9 and without alterations in appearance and are used exclusively to prevent the transmission of disease and pregnancy, the MANGO classic condom is used by all condom manufacturers in their basket of products, but the classic condom is a new generation code. The latex is manufactured by our company and has a very thin thickness that makes it distinct from other products.

The MANGO classic condoms can be used with personal lubricant for the people who are especially painful, causing lubrication and solving the problem of pain in the relationship with the lubricant .

Note that only an unprotected and high-risk relationship may lead to the transmission of the disease and condom use is the easiest and most important way. To buy MANGO condom, please send us email:

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