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MANGO extra large condom for better fit

MANGO large size condoms are longer and wider for greater comfort. If you find regular sized condoms a bit too tight, then Manix King size could be a good fit. Non-spermicidally lubricated. All MANGO condoms are electronically tested and meet the highest security standards. If you request large size condom, please choose our MANGO extra large condom. Email:

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Large size condom factory

Large size condoms are intended for men who feel that the current regular size condom are too small. You will find our large size condom are thinner, of exceptional quality and provide increased sensitivity. Lubricated for comfort and sensitivity, made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk. Individually electronically tested. Choose the big large size condom which fit for you, contact us:

X large condoms manufacturer

if you once feel loose or too roomy when wear the standard condom, a right size condom will offer more comfortable and safest protection. A huge selection of Large, Larger, and Largest size Big condoms we carry in stock. It is easy to Buy Large Condoms Online, welcome to the land of the Giants, home of the large, larger and extra large condoms. The below sizable condoms offer Spacious room for the substantial Willie. If you are looking for a roomy, extra large condom.. the Trojan Magnum XL, or Durex XXL is for you. Have fun and be safe.

As a custom producer, we now has 49x160mm small size, 52x180mm standard size, 55x190mm large size, the 3 sizes can cover at least 95% consumers worldwide, and we also can custom produce clients own size, welcome inquiry us!


MANGO condom, large condom manufacturer, MANGO brand condom supplier

MANGO Extra Large condom manufacturer

If you have been looking for the largest condom, choose our MANGO extra large. MANGO extra large condom offers the wide shaft and is almost the most generous option in our globally diverse larger condom line-up. If you have large size, you’ll want to try this extra large condom option.

MANGO extra large understands that the best fit for you, translates to more pleasurable and safer sex. And we manufacture the highest global testing and safety standards. Email:

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Mango X-Large condom in 12pcs box packing

Product: X-Large condom

Brand: MANGO

Packing: 12pcs box packing

Specification: 55*190mm

Color: Transparent

Flavor: no flavor

Test: 100% electronically tested, water leakage test, burst pressure and burst volume test, packaging integrity test, etc.

We can adding your company information on the box when quantity up to 10000boxes. Welcome you to be our distributor, and we’d like to have one sole distributor in one country to protect and help you. Feel free contact us for Mango condom, contact email:

large condom,extra large condom,XL condom

Extra large size condom maker

If you are a big guy and feel your condoms tight? Don’t worry about it, we produce the extra large size condoms for you.

Large size condoms are made of premium imported natural rubber latex with specification 55*190mm, with air burst volume more than 40dm³, 100% electronically tested. It is wider and longer than regular condom which give you the comfort space.

Custom large size condom from our company, you will be guaranteed for the quality and competitive price. Contact:

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custom large size condoms

As some African clients complain condom size is smaller for African consumers, so they want the large size one. Our company already announced the large size of 56mm, which is much larger than regular size of 52mm, welcome inquiry us! or we also can produce more large size if market need.

we can custom produce clients own brand large size!


MANGO brand condom, brand condom manufacturer, extra large condom supplier

MANGO extra large condom provides you access to pleasure!

Extra large condom is a very rare model in the condom market but very well known to professionals of Love. Renowned for its robustness and wide width of 56 mm, our MANGO extra large condom will meet your highest expectations. Simple, smooth but very effective, it will fulfill its role of condom while ensuring its primary task: provide you access to pleasure!

The MANGO extra large condom is available in pack of 3 condoms and 12condoms. Finally, they are less wide than average condoms available in large quantities and not very expensive. Always with the same quality. Email:

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Choosing the best fit condom for yourself.

Although you specialize in using condoms, something about condoms you may don’t know. When you choosing condoms, you should keep in mind that some condoms don’t protect from sexual transmitted diseases (Like lambskin condoms). Some condoms can’t be used with oil based lubricants (latex condoms). If you are allergic to latex, you can choose polyurethane condom.

If you want to know more information on condoms, please send us email:

large size condom, small condom, extra large condom manufacturer, extra small condom supplier

Regular condoms are too small?

Our extra large size condoms 56x190mm are significantly larger than other large condoms. These condoms will offer extra comfort to anyone who search for regular size condoms either too tight, or too short. Condom Size really does matter? Than the Magnum condoms are just the right thing for you!  Our Best Magnum condoms are larger than regular condoms, silicone lubricated and made from latex. They will help you to feel comfortably protected and assure the same safety as a regular condom. All our large size condoms are electronically tested in order to reach the European standards of safety. Larger condom give you much fun. Email:

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