Custom Printed Condoms

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Promotional Printed Condoms

Promotional Printed Condoms puts your printed message on a condom for promotional events personal marketing or branding, these are pure custom marketing genius. Which also very easy to got public attention at lower cost, and make potential consumer remember our project deeply.

As a professional condom supplier, we can produce your own design condoms, welcome inquiry us!

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Do you have risk of using the expired condom?

Yes, it’s better to use a new condom rather than using old crinkled or out of date condom. First, it is important to mention that expired condoms do not have their own serious health problems like expired drugs. It’s their functionality which gets hampered after expiration and so they are not being able to do the protection for which they meant for. Using an expired condom has some disadvantages as following.

Using an expired condom, there is an increasing risk of breakage or slip off.

An expired condom can increase the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

An expired condom can get dry and brittle which can cause irritation and rashes when used.

Sometimes an expired condom may cause allergy which may cause to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) or may be associated with nasty symptoms such as burning sensation, itching, redness or swelling, occasionally it can cause uneasiness during urination.

With an expired condom can increase the risk of STIs caused by body fluids such as gonorrhea, genital herpes, trichomonads, syphilis, mycoplasma, clamydiae, gardnerella, pointed condyloma, ureaplasma etc.

Use of expired condom may cause vaginal dysbiosis also known as vaginal dysbacteriosis, a medical condition which is characterized by vaginal microflora balance disruption.

Don’t use the expired condom which may cause many issues. Use a fresh newer condom for safe sex. Best condom manufacturer. Email:

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Custom round foil wrapper service is available.

Why is the condom foil wrapper usually square or rectangle? Now we can supply round foil wrapper which make you feel refreshed. The circular foil can pack with different types of condom. Custom round foil wrapper service is available. Custom round foil condom wrapper is the best solution if you want a private label brand. This premium product line is made with a rigorous commitment to quality control and the best printing capabilities. Welcome to inquiry! Email:

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Custom printed condom with your own design

Picture Condoms feature a printing area equal to one complete side of the condom if it were laid flat. You can submit art of any kind, including color photographs, illustrations, slogans or logos. There is no art or set up fees and we will gladly assist in the design of your Printed Condom. After you place your order, you will receive an email with instructions about creating and submitting your art. The total production time is 4-6 weeks from the submission of your order.

Picture Condoms also include a free custom label on the outside of the condom wrapper, making this the ultimate custom condom! Instructions for the creation of this label will also be included in the email you will receive after you place your order.

Any questions about Picture Condoms to our custom condom specialist at

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condom manufacturer’s new trend

The condom production’s competition is fierce too although there isn’t so many factories in the world. The production line’s huge capacity is easy make the market fully, so each factory has to study their own position in the market, such as new material, thin in thickness, the texture of the surface, and bulk production make average cost lower, full range supplements.

our company can offer clients smaller MOQ for start own brand, such as 10K, so if you like, we can help your dream come to fact easy.

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Premium Banana Flavored condoms tastes good

Banana Flavoured Condoms provide variety and satisfaction with this different flavour. Flavored condom are flavoured to flare imagination of you and your partner to make it more pleasure and safe. The condom of banana flavour makes her tasted like a banana.

Enhance the pleasure for both you and her!
For lasting long performance
Always be safe for you
Never let you free early

We also combine flavored condoms with assorted colors. Usually banana flavored condoms are combined with yellow condoms. Premium flavored condoms suppliers. Email:

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How can you get infected with HIV?

In the following cases you can get the infected with HIV.

1. Having unprotected sexual intercourse – anal, vaginal, or oral – with an infected partner.

2. Sharing drug needles or syringes with an infected partner.


Women infected with HIV can pass the virus to their babies during pregnancy or during birth. They can also pass it on when breast-feeding. Some people have been infected by receiving blood transfusions. However, when careful screening and laboratory testing of all blood donations began, this possibility has been greatly reduced. You cannot be infected by giving blood at a blood bank. As a condom suppliers, we suggest to use condoms for every single sex time. Email:

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