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The types of condoms

Condoms are normally of plain & non flavored type , but depending on the requirements they can be briefly classified as of the following types, and various flavours like Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate, Mint, Apple can be added:

Plain Condoms – These condoms are for that Sensual & Close Feeling.

Dotted Condoms – These condoms have specially Moulded dots on the outside to stimulate and heighten the pleasure of love making.

Ribbed Condoms – These condoms have delicately textured ribs designed for extra sensation.

Multi Texture (3 in 1 Condoms ) – These condoms have unique combination of 3 textures to provide extra stimulation for both partners.

Ultra Thin Condoms – Ultra thin condoms are super fine condoms providing greater sensitivity.

Deep Dotted – Deep Dots on the condom for extra stimulation.

Inspiral – These condoms are having spring action for creating that extra pleasure feeling to both partners.

Coloured Condoms – For visual pleasure.

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What condom options from our factory are available for you to use?

Our condoms come in these varieties:

-normal condom: plain condom, dotted condom, ribbed condom, contoured condom, flavored condom

-special condom: long love condom, extra lubricated condom, untra-thin condom, spike condom

-polyisoprene condom

-polyurethane condom

-female condom

Our condoms are rigorously tested and meet the international safety standards. The effectiveness of non-latex is the same as latex condoms. They also offer protection against sexually transmitted infections.

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Why condoms 99.6% percent effective in preventing pregnancy and STIs?

Condoms, considered as “Class II medical devices,” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) along with pregnancy tests and powered wheelchairs, meet special labeling requirements and performance standards. The FDA standards for condoms include a systematic “water leak” to ensure no fluid can leak out of the condoms with a minimum of 996 out of 1,000 having to pass the test. This is why FDA-approved condoms usually say they must be at least “99.6 percent effective.” These condoms are considered to be quite effective in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Use condoms for playsafe.

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condom suppliers: The social marketing of condoms is in the DNA of the Society for Family Health (SFH)

Social marketing of condoms is in the DNA of the Society for Family Health (SFH): the organisation was engaged in the marketing of Lovers+ condoms even since inception. Currently SFH focuses its condom marketing and distribution efforts on the South African government’s free condom, branded Choice. Our particular contribution is the distribution of one million Choice condoms each year to non-traditional outlets such as taverns, clubs, “spaza” shops, and truck stops.

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Nulatex Sdn Bhd

Malaysia condom manufacturers: Nulatex Sdn Bhd

Nulatex Sdn Bhd is a privately owned manufacturing company of latex condoms based in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia. Established in 2004, Nulatex Sdn Bhd has produced and quality latex condoms to over 40 countries worldwide. Located close to the suppliers of our key raw material, i.e. natural rubber latex, we are able to offer our customers superior products at competitive price. Welcome contact them if interest in the project.

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What to do if a female condom breaks?

If use female correctly, it is unlikely to break.

However, female condoms can break for same reasons that a male condom can, for example if there is a tear in the condom before or during sex it’s not put in place properly or is in poor condition.

There’s also a risk of semen spilling into your vagina as it’s removed. If something does go wrong try not to panic. Try Squeeze out as much of the semen as you can and avoid washing inside your vagina or anus  as this can spread infection further or cause irritation.

It is advised that you have a sexual health test about 10 days later, (or earlier if you are worried about any symptoms) and then again around three months later. This is because different STIs are detected at different times. Until then, avoid sexual contact or practice safer sex by always wearing a condom.

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What types of female condom are available

The female condom is available in 130 countries and is known as the second generation female condom (FC2) – it also has the following names depending on where you live: Femidom, Dominique, Femy, Myfemy, Protectiv, Elegance, Della and Care.

The FC1 was made of polyurethane, but many people complained that it was noisy and put them off during sex.This was replaced by the FC2, which is made of less noisy synthetic latex called nitrile. There are new designs of female condom being produced across the world.

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Extra pleasure condoms

Want to delay climaxing too early? There are specialised condoms you can use. These condoms meant to help you last longer during sexual intercourse contain benzocaine. This helps numb the penis for a while by dulling the sensation in the nerve that helps men ejaculate. This in turn prevents premature ejaculation. But it can have side-effects such as irritation, rashes, itching and in worst cases breathing difficulties. If this happens, you need to discontinue using this type and see a doctor.

So pls. use our formula long love condoms. It can help you make long time sex, and has little side-effects.

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