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thinnest condoms

Latex is widely use in condom industry. And normal thickness always at 0.06mm, which really can deduct the men’s feeling. Common complaint about condoms is that they decrease the sensation and that the process of putting a condom on somehow kills the excitement. Well, if your willy goes down while you’re putting a condom, I’m sorry but it’s more likely that you’re too nervous or inexperienced so don’t blame it on the condom right away. But if your problem is the lack of sensation, there is a solution -try the thinnest condoms before you give up on condoms or bash them. Maybe you have even tried some ultra thin latex condoms, but new generation of condoms with new materials, pushes the boundaries of thickness and provides even better feeling. In this post we will introduce you with the thinnest condoms currently available on the market. 0.01mm polyurethane condom is the world’s current thinnest condom, so you can choose it if care of the thickness and feeling.

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Polyurethane Condoms

Many consumer already tired with latex condom, so they prefer to choose the polyurethane material condom. But if they are safe to use? The clinical breakage rate of the polyurethane condom was 7.2%, compared with 1.1% for the latex condom (relative risk of 6.6, 95% confidence interval of 3.5-12.3). The complete slippage rate (combining incidents during intercourse and withdrawal) of the polyurethane condom was 3.6%, compared with 0.6% for the latex condom (relative risk of 6.0, 95% confidence interval of 2.6-14.2). Most male users preferred the sensitivity provided by the polyurethane condom to that of the latex condom. So we come to the Conclusions that The clinical breakage rate of the polyurethane condom is significantly higher than that of the latex condom. However, nearly half of the users preferred the polyurethane condom, which provides an option for couples who have rejected conventional condoms or who cannot use latex products. That means you can choose latex if not allergic, if you have to choose non latex goods, polyurethane condom is the better choice.

Condom factory foil sealing room workshop

Condom Manufacturer Supplier from Africa Namibia Goes Hi-tech

Only few condom factories located at Africa. The collective social responsibility and health concern about the spread of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Namibia led to the setting up of the country first and only one condom factory.

John Maritz and his wife Sabina, two ex-teachers, thought over the idea of producing condoms locally instead of importing them for some time before they established the factory in Prosperita.

“Prior to setting up the factory with a bank loan in 1994 I was importing condoms and other pharmaceutical products from South Africa.

“On a certain day it struck me that locally produced condoms would be cheaper and more readily available to the Namibian market,” said John Maritz, the managing director of the company that today employs more than 40 full-time workers.

He and his wife run the factory in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Services as Commodity Exchange.

“Imported hi-tech equipment from Germany allows us to produce 30 million condoms per year for the local market, but we can expand on it on demand at a rate of 10 percent per year,” he said. This make them go stable and safely.

Germany condom manufacturer: CPR Productions Und Vetriebs GmBH

CPR Productions located at ImKirchenfelde 8, 31157 SarstedtThe Federal Republic of Germany size and texture:52±1m Cylindrical -Dotted 52±1m Cylindrical -Ribbed 52±1m Cylindrical-Ribbed and Dotted 52±1m Countoured 53±1m Plain 54±1m Plain 52±1m Plain  Transparent – Red Passion Fruit, Rose Yellow Vanilla Transparent -dotted – Black Chocolate Blue Tuttie Fruit Green Mint, Green Apple Purple – Orange Peach Pink Orange Red Strawberry Yellow Banana Transparent  Annual Production Capacity (Approximate) 172. 8 million pieces. They are UNFPA Prequalified Male Condom Manufacturing Sites ( in alphabetical order) * Date: May 2016

UNFPA Prequalified Male Condom Manufacturing Sites: Beiersdorf Medical Latex ( DUA) from Malaysia

UNFPA Prequalified Male Condom Manufacturing Sites:  Beiersdorf Medical Latex ( DUA) from Malaysia, Plot 8, Senai Industrial Estate, 81400 Sennai, Johor 52±2mm Plain Natural, Red, Yellow, Green 52±2mm Ribbed, Dotted, Flared with ribs and dots Natural 49±2mm Plain Natural 52±2mm Plain Natural 56±2mm Plain Natural  Tutti Frutti, Banana, Strawberry, Menthol, Coconur, Amaretto, Caramel, Chocolate, Blueberry, Peach, Irish Cream, Cointreau, Cognac, Cola, Blackcurrent, Orange, Marshmallow, Cherry.  Annual Production Capacity (Approximate) 127 million pieces.

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Condom Manufacturing Companies in China

There are 3 level condom manufacturing companies in China, lower middle and premium. Most African, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Vietnam clients prefer to buy the lower cheap condoms, so they choose the lower level, which also means the quality also lower.

USA clients have to choose the FDA approved company, which is the premium level, the price also too higher, maybe only usa clients can afford it.

European clients always prefer to choose the middle level companies, such as our company, the quality is very near as FDA approved quality, but price is much better than them, and still higher than the cheap condoms, so good quality condom with affordable price is the middle level’s position, which take up more than 90% of market share. that’s also why so many popular condom brands tend to choose the China condoms.


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