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What is the a retail pack of condoms?

where to buy modafinil online reddit Retail packs are exactly what you would see when you go to buy condoms at your local pharmacies or sex stores.  They typically come in three, ten, twelve, or thirty-six counts, and they come in boxes, like pictured above. Why should you get retail boxes? Retail boxes are great if you really like boxes. Importantly. That’s the only difference from the condom bulk packs– they come in a box. Usually, because they come in these boxes, they are more expensive. As you can see on the image, a retail box or 36 costs more than a bulk pack of 5. As a condom manufacturers, we can supply you both retail pack and bulk pack. Email:

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Male contraceptive methods

cheap viagra with dapoxetine Male condom is the best barrier method of contraception for a man.
Male condom is the most used and popular male contraceptive method. Mostly it is made of latex and is worn over the penis when it is erect. It is a barrier method of contraception and physically prevents the sperms from entering a partner’s body. It has a small tip which acts a collector of ejaculated semen. It is 97-98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs when correctly used.
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The precautions of the condoms you should know

Condoms are a barrier method of contraception. There are male condoms and female condoms. A condom is used only one time it cannot be reused. A new condom should be used each time you have sex — and it must be used from start to finish each time you have sex to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Never use oil-based lubricants such as mineral oil, petroleum jelly, or baby oil with condoms because these substances can break down the rubber. A used condom should be thrown in the garbage, not down the toilet.

And if condoms ever seems dry, sticky, or stiff when it comes out of the package, or if it is past its expiration date, throw it away and use a new one. It’s a good idea to have some condoms at hand in case there is a problem with one. It’s best to store condoms in a cool, dry place and avoid the direct sunlight.

When correctly used, latex and polyurethane condoms are effective against most STDs. Condoms do not protect against infections spread from sores on the skin not covered by a condom. For those having sex, condoms must always be used to protect against STDs although you have used another method of birth control. Abstinence (don’t have sex) is the only method that always prevents pregnancy and STDs. Female condoms supplier. OEM logo condoms factories and manufacturers. Email:

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What’s the difference between male and female condom?

Male condom and female condoms are two main types of condoms. What is generally called a condom is the ‘male’ condom, a sheath or covering which fits over a man’s penis, and which is closed at one end. There is also now a female condom, or vaginal sheath, which is used by a woman and fits inside the vagina. There is only one female condom approved by the FDA– the FC2 female condoms, although a number of others are sold all over the world. This study discusses the male condom, you can know more about female condoms as you scroll down. female condoms are not as easily available as the male condom (and can be more expensive), you can usually get them from sexual health clinics or a healthcare professional. Some shops sell them, but it is easy to get online. Female condoms suppliers and manufacturers. Email:

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What can reduces the effectiveness of condoms?

Condoms greatly reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections

But some wrong way use can weaken a condom.  Being aware of the following:

Using two condoms at the same time increases the risk of a latex condom breaking.

If you or your partner is allergic to latex, use polyurethane or natural membrane condoms.

Petroleum or oil-based lubricants should not be used with latex condoms. These oil weaken the latex and can lead to breakage.

Oil-based lubricants can be used with some synthetic condoms like polyurethane condoms. Always read lubricant labels to be sure it is safe to use with the type of condom you have chosen.

Some medications intended for vaginal use (like yeast infection treatments) can weaken latex condoms. Treatments that contain estrogen are especially damaging to latex condoms.

Please use condoms right, it will greatly protect you and your partner.

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Contoured condom manufacturers and supplier, MANGO condom brand factories

Enjoy with your partner the safe and intense experience of MANGO contoured condoms

MANGO contoured condom is a three-in-one sensation with its specially positioned ribs and raised dots to stimulate the most sensitive areas of enhanced pleasure and an intensified experience. Enjoy with your partner the safe and intense experience of anatomic condoms

  • Ribbed, Studded and Contoured
  • Natural Latex condoms
  • Lubricated
  • Color: Transparent
  • Type: 52mm regular
  • Length:  180 mm
  • Use condom only once
  • 100% electronically tested

Note:  Protect from heat, direct sun rays, and mechanical damage. Store in cool and dry place. Contoured condom manufacturers and suppliers. Email:

Non lubricated condom manufacturers and suppliers. non lubricated factories

Non lubricated condoms made from premium quality latex

Non-lubricated condoms allow you to choose your own personal lubricant, or choose to use no lubricant at all for the natural feel. Non-lubricated condoms are ideal for oral sex

  1. Add your own condom-compatible lubricants
  2. Made from premium quality latex
  3. Intended to prevent pregnancy
  4. Latex condoms are intended to prevent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infection.
  5. Add your own condom-compatible lubricant
  6. Made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk
  7. Special reservoir end for extra safety
  8. Each condom is 100% electronically tested to help ensure reliability. Non lubricated condom manufacturers and suppliers. Email:

German sells turnkey condom manufacturing factories

56 year old German entrepreneur Klaus Richter is selling ready-for-use condom factories, meaning you can order a complete manufacturing facility from him, and he ships practically everywhere. What may sound as a joke at first is serious business: Richter has so far sold over 100 factories worldwide.

The factories are being put together and shipped from Penang, a port city in Malaysia. Richter says he already sold his product through his own firm, to places like India, Mexico and Thailand. Two containers with 26sqm. of space are enough. Once the containers are at the hands of the new owners, it takes another 10 days of work to get the factory ready to roll out the first condoms. It sounds very interesting for anyone who plan has own brand condoms factory, it’s tiny production line, welcome inquiry us if you plan has a new facility.

Polyurethane condoms manufacturers and ultra thin condoms suppliers

Finding the most thinnest condom?

Would you like to use ultra thin condoms? ROMEO polyurethane condoms presents to you the ultra thin condoms which gives you the nearest feel to wearing nothing. ROMEO Polyurethane Ultra Thin condoms feels like second skin. Despite the way that Ultra Thin is closest to wearing nothing in any case it provide the same strange condition of comfort and protection, they’re formed to be less requesting to put on and give a smooth fit and feeling in the midst of sex. The outstanding way they make these condoms infers they notice better so there are no disquieting redirections, you can basically loosen up and appreciate. Polyurethane condoms manufacturers and ultra thin condoms suppliers. Email:

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Why choose Bulk condoms?

Why you pay a dollar or more for each condom not to buy in bulk and save much on each condom? Do you know that condom have a shelf life of 5 years? With that length of usability why would anyone buy a 3 pack? So buying BULK condoms can make senses for many. Even if half of the bulk purchase condoms expired, you will have still likely saved a considerable amount per condom.

Don’t require 100 or even 1000 condoms at once? Consider making a bulk purchase or simply buy the larger count pack. At the lower per condom cost from bulk you may consider donating some to an organization or charity.

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