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Are condom thickness paramount?

When you choose condom, you also need to consider the thickness of condoms and the choices you have. If you have a thinner penis maybe you should try extra strong condoms which are slightly thicker and could add a little extra help in the girth department, and extra peace of mind too. If you have a thicker penis why not try a thinner condom like our polyurethane condom. Although they are thinner, they still provide the same high level of reassurance and protection, and they’re shaped to be easier to put on and provide a sleek fit and feeling during sex. We both can produce extra strong and extra thin condoms. Email:

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Types of condom provide best possible choice of contraception

Various types, colors, sizes and price condoms provide customers the best possible choice of contraception, is extremely as per their needs and individual needs.

Different types of condoms brands involve the use of different materials, surfaces and structural compositions of lubricants. So the condom manufacturer offers a fairly wide range, focused on different age groups. So, the older generation prefers the classic products with very thin and smooth structure. While the youth like to experience with colors, aromas and textured surfaces protective products. If you buy types of condom, please contact us. Email:

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How long does a condom to expire?

Condoms usually have expiration about five years. However, the expiration can vary from 3-5 years depending upon condom variants such as, type of the material and lubrication. The best way to check this is to look expiration date printed on the foil wrapper or box. Each condom manufacturer labels expiration dates that is printed on the product. A manufacture date of 2016-09, suggests that condom was possibly manufactured in Sep 2016 and will expire on August 2021. Except the expiration dates, the storage conditions also greatly enhance the stability of condoms. Under cool and dry conditions, condoms can last even upto six years while under direct sun light, excessive heat and moisture condoms will last only 1-2 years or even less despite their date of expiration. The best condition for condoms storage is cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, and moisture and temperatures below 100˚F / 38˚C.Keep the condom in the right places. Email:

G spot stimulation condoms

G-spot stimulation condom

Condoms with soft bead make G-spot stimulation. Tail is longer and a little more happy. Lubricated with large and good quality oil which make you enjoy a smooth body feeling. Along with the movement of the penis into the vagina at the bottom of the extension movement increase 15-30mm. Do you interest in this products?

We are a condom factory with more than 10 years experience. And many types of condoms could produced for you. Welcome contact us.

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Red Yellow Black colored condom

Do you wish bring some colors into your bedroom during sex love? Try the colored condoms. There are red color condom, yellow color condom, black color condom, other customized color condom. Except the color, it also can make the different flavors which taste good. Red color condom will with fragrance strawberry or cherry. Yellow color condom will come with banana flavor, black color condom give you the chocolate aroma. Get the most colorful protection around, and taste the best flavor. Welcome choose condom with colors. Email:

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Condom Variety Pack includes an assortment condoms.

If you doubt how to choose the perfect condom, have only used one type or just want to try something new, get the condom variety pack which includes an assortment of condoms in a variety of sizes by several brands. Condom Variety features a wide range of condoms in different styles, sizes and brands — like Durex, Lifestyles, Trojan, Kimono, ONE, Mates and more — so you can try this pack and discover which condoms have the fit and feel that you prefer.

Variety pack are with premium quality

Also includes the exciting spike, warming, cooling, glowing condom and many others

Variety of sizes, styles, colors

Brands like Trojan, Durex, LifeStyles, Kimono, ONE etc

For pregnancy and STI protection

100% electronically tested

Welcome to inquiry condom variety pack. Email:

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Extra time condom for more stimulation

Extra time condoms are treat ended condoms made from the finest natural rubber latex which can prolong the moment with extra time pleasure condoms densely packed with enhanced dots for extra stimulation

Our extra time condom with Dots teat-ended condoms made from the finest natural rubber latex

Teat ended condoms made from the finest natural rubber latex

Prolong the moment with extra time pleasure Condoms

Densely packed with enhanced dots for extra stimulation

Welcome to inquiry our Long Love condoms. Email:

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Can condoms with spermicidal lubricants cause irritation?

Some condoms add with spermicidal lubricant, which can help to reduce the rates of pregnancy. One of the most regular spermicides is the ingredient called nonoxynol-9. This is a chemical which some people are sensitive to, and if it’s used regularly it can cause irritation and increase the chance of HIV infection. Condoms lubricated with nonoxynol 9 can’t be used for anal sex.

It’s up to you which condom you choose. All of the differences in shape are designed to suit different personal preferences and enhance fun. It is important to communicate with your partner to be sure with the spermicide condom you are using condoms that satisfy both of you. Email:

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Natural feel condom is a truly natural sensual feeling

Our Natural feel condoms are ultra thin with extra lubricant for a truly natural sensual feeling. The lubricant is water based offering natural comfort and invisible protection. They are easy on shaped to provide a better fit and feel during love making enhancing sensitivity and comfort.

Natural Feel Condoms

Ultra thin

Extra Lubricant

Comfortable & protected

Easy-on shape for better fit & feel

Enhances Sensitivity & Comfort

This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reaction. Want to buy natural latex super thin condoms. Email:

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Why use non-lubricated condoms?

Non-lubricated condoms are great for oral sex.

There are flavored lubes which is better used for oral sex then the flavored latex condom, so people like to buy non-lubricated condoms and add the flavored lubes.


Non-lubricated condoms are for people who’re lube allergies.


Non-lubricated condoms also can use for some other things than sex. Survival, scientific testing protection from sweat during performances with a wireless microphone battery pack “Ten Alternative Uses for Condoms” “Camping with Condoms” “Condom Catheters and Incontinence” or as a mixed media art supply as seen in, “Condoms in Fine Art.”


Non-lubricated condoms and lubricated condoms producer, welcome your visiting. Contact:


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