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3in1 brand condom,contoured condom,stimulate condom

3in1 condom with dots&ribs&anatomic stimulating sensation

3 in 1 condom also named contoured condom or anatomic condom, anatomical condoms, which is the perfect combination of Ribbed, latex condom with ribs&dots& Contoured shape that provides better fit and stimulating sensations to delight your partner. They’re made from premium quality latex and lubricated for comfort and sensitivity.  They ensure the maximum stimulation during sex. Welcome inquire us the 3 in 1 condoms, contact:

condom water leakage test

condom leakage test

Condom leakage tests are made throughout the course of manufacturing as well as in quality lab tests on a product ready for shipment. There are two leakage test methods.  One is electrically test. Our condoms 100% electrically tested. If a hole is present in the condom, the electric current would easily pass. In a wet test, the condom is put into a water-based solution and tested with electric currents to check for holes.

There are other test like air burst, packing integrity, dimension test, etc. to guarantee the condom quality.

Condoms are sensitive products. To ensure their effectiveness, condoms have to be duly tested for endurance and performance.

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delay condom,condom supplier,long love condom

Delay condom supplier

We produce and custom delay condoms with benzocaine cream. It is inside the condom which will make man keep long time, and do not numb women. People who hope to do sex love longer time or people who is premature ejaculation can choose this delay condom. They’re produced with premium natural rubber latex and 100% electronically tested. Custom delay condoms accepted. Welcome inquiry price:


condoms,Mango classic condom

Mango Classic condom

The Mango classic condoms designed for natural feelings during intercourse and give you the basic confidence. It’s safety&comfort for pleasure.


Product Features

-Nominal width 52mm

-Transparent, lubricated and teat ended

-100% electronically tested

-Soft, Safe, Sensitive


Mango classic condoms made of premium natural rubber latex, transparent, non-spermicide lubricated with reservoir end. They ‘re soft, comfortable and incredibly sensitive, which will give you subtle and smooth sensations of pleasure. Feels Like The Real Thing.


Welcome distribute our Mango brand condom with premium quality. Also small order quantity accepted. Email:

benefits for use condoms

Some benefits unique to condoms

Condoms are proved to decrease the transmission rates of STDs. This is their greatest utility.

Condoms do not cost much if anything.

Condoms can be purchased easily. You can buy over the counter at any grocery store, pharmacy, online shop.

Condoms use are convenient. They are small, easily concealed, and ready for immediate use.

Condoms are a good option for those couples who are not wanting to get pregnant right away.

Condoms is the best way in contraception and preventing STDs. Welcome contact us for producing your condoms:

Why Zika Virus Is a Good Thing for Condom Makers?

Just as the coin has both sides, different groups has different understanding of Zika virus. Zika virus has caused a lot of problems worldwide, from Brazilian politicians forced to deal with worried Olympic athletes to pregnant women faced with an increased risk of birth defects if they’re infected. But there is one group that stands to benefit from the worldwide spread of the disease, and that is the condom makers. At the world’s largest condom manufacturer, Malaysia’s Karex Berhad factory, which makes about 10% of the condoms sold on the planet, CEO Miah Kiat Goh told the Wall Street Journal that the disease will cause a jump in sales. “The awareness that such a virus brings will further bolster long-term growth prospects of condom demand overall,” Goh said. The company, which produces about 4 billion condoms annually, won’t see a big jump immediately, Goh said, because most of its condoms are sold to brands like LifeStyles and Durex. (USAID is also a client.) But investors think it will come in time: The condom company’s stock price is up almost 10% since the beginning of September.

Condom will protect us from the virus such as Zika, not only prevent the pregnancy.


Mango adventure condom,ribbed condom,textured condom

Mango adventure ribbed condom

Mango adventure with the ribs on the condoms. The Ribbed lubricated condoms are designed to increase stimulation and heightens pleasure for both partners. Silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity.

with nominal width 52mm and length 180mm, thickness 0.06mm, it has 3pcs ,12pcs packing. Premium quality with competitive price, and small order quantity accepted.

Welcome inquire us for the distributing.

funky condom custom supplier

Premium Natural rubber latex guarantee the condom quality

Natural rubber latex is the main material in producing the condoms. Each lot of raw materials is quarantined upon arrival and sampled for incoming inspection. The tests performed on these samples range from infrared and ultraviolet chemical analysis to visual and physical tests. Certificates of analysis from the vendors are reviewed against purchase specifications. A written specification exists for each raw material used in the product. When the raw material is accepted, it is released from quarantine for use. If it fails to meet the specification, it is rejected and returned to the vendor or reviewed by the Material Review Board for final disposition.

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