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MANGO brand condom, MANGO condom, contoured condom manufacturer

MANGO Contoured Condoms for strong stimulation and intense experience

Contoured condom also named 3 in 1 condom or anatomic condom. Our MANGO Contoured condoms are the perfect combination with ribs, studded &contoured Head that provides better fit and stimulating sensations to delight your partner. The condom with ribs and dots boosts pleasure for both partners. The anatomical design ensures a perfect fit-every time.

Dermatologically tested – very good tolerance to the skin.

3 condoms made of natural latex with reservoir, transparent, wet, width: 52 mm.

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MANGO brand condom, 3 in 1 condom, MANGO 3 in 1 condom manufacturer

MANGO brand 3 in 1 condom supplier

MANGO 3 in 1 condom is a transparent, teat-ended, natural rubber latex condom. It is specially shaped to fit the anatomy of the penis, so they feel very comfortable. Best for people who seek natural fit and feel. Anatomic shape with dots and ribs for better sensation.

All MANGO brand condoms are CE certified, electronically tested and 100% genuine. MANGO condoms are with teat-ended, straight-sided natural rubber latex condom with a non-spermicidal lubricant. Welcome to inquiry MANGO 3 in 1 condom. Email:

dotted condom,sensation condom,condom with dots

Dotted condom make more sensation

Dotted condom, which has many dots on condoms. Women will be stimulated by these dots when sex. And they will like it.The added friction and increased stimulation provide a sensual, exciting experience for both partners.

Mango dotted condom 100% electronically tested, and they are ISO/CE approved. Pass high standard quality test.. We’re looking for distributor at each country, welcome contact us:

delay condom

ROMEO Delay condom for long lasting

If you wish some longer time when making sex love with your partner? Try our ROMEO delay condoms. It includes the benzocaine inside the condom top, which will make man for long lasting. Our engineers test and adjust the fitable rate for the ingredients, and have less harm to men health. Contact us for the long lasting delay condoms. contact email:


ribbed condoms,adventure condoms,ribbed condoms manufacturer

Adventure condoms ribbed condoms manufacturer

Ribbed condoms have little raised ridges running round them which have been strategically placed to create added sexual sensation. Some of you say that you can’t feel anything when you wear a standard condom, but when you use a ribbed one the extra texture can lead to greater friction and enjoyment. The ridges can add pleasure to both the penis and the vaginal wall giving extra sensation to both of you. Our Mango ribbed condoms have a stimulating texture especially designed to add a tingling excitement.

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custom condoms,custom condom factory,condom brand condom

Custom Condom brand at quality guaranteed factory

As we are one of the most specialized custom condom manufacturer. We also invented the industry with the customized condoms. So when you’re looking for someone to partner with to make your vision a reality, choose a company with more experience than any other. From Condom promotions and key chains to private label retail condoms, we can deliver your product with the quality you’ll expect and a price you’ll love. Don’t forget- we guarantee the premium quality and competitive price.

As a condom manufacturer, you can be assured that all condoms purchased through our factories are the highest quality possible.

Medical devices, approved by the FDA for the prevention of pregnancy and disease

Full ISO 13485 and CE certified facility

Long expiration dates (up to 5 years)

Triple tested for safety and reliablity

To custom your own brand condom, please feel free to contact with us.

MANGO classic donom, MANGO brand condom, MANGO brand condom manufacturer

MANGO classic condom with premium quality.

MANGO Classic condom are suitable for those who do not want to experiment, and unusual ones are suitable for couples who want to try something new. Focus on your own taste when choosing condoms for this parameter. One woman is more pleased with the use of relief models, while others do not feel the difference between a classic model and a variant with a normal shape. Email:

condoms,Mango classic condom

Mango Classic condom

The Mango classic condoms designed for natural feelings during intercourse and give you the basic confidence. It’s safety&comfort for pleasure.


Product Features

-Nominal width 52mm

-Transparent, lubricated and teat ended

-100% electronically tested

-Soft, Safe, Sensitive


Mango classic condoms made of premium natural rubber latex, transparent, non-spermicide lubricated with reservoir end. They ‘re soft, comfortable and incredibly sensitive, which will give you subtle and smooth sensations of pleasure. Feels Like The Real Thing.


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regular condom,smooth condom,classic condom

Regular condom with plain smooth give you the sensual and close feeling

Our condoms are soft, sensitive, and safe to use.

They’re made of premium natural rubber latex, transparent, non-spermicide lubricated with reservoir end. They ‘re soft, comfortable and incredibly sensitive, which will give you subtle and smooth sensations of pleasure. Feels Like The Real Thing.

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