Can Condoms Break in Extreme cold Temperatures? I ordered some condoms from you guys and they came in on Friday afternoon. I was gone for the weekend and did not realize that they were on my porch when I headed out. The problem is that there was a big snowstorm this weekend and I am scared that the condoms might no longer be safe to use. Should I be concerned? You may remember that once upon a time, I froze a condom. But let us not talk about that right now. With how crazy this past winter has been, it is no surprise that we are getting frequent calls about the safety of keeping condoms at the right temperatures. And it is a great thing because it shows us that you care about your safety. Come on!

buy indian accutane Normal temperature is enough for the condom storage, which workable store between -38°C to 39°C, that’s means normal storage is enough.

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