buttercup custom design condom for promotion

find here If you once see buttercup packed condoms? Condom Cup is brand new promotional gift for any brand. With its remarkable jelly cup-like design you would never guess what’s inside. The lid of the cup can be custom designed to suit your needs. Let your targeted group be amazed! With it’s sexy shape the Condom cup can be produced as a keychain if requested. The packaging will make sure the condom stays protected. So get rid of the old condoms that live in your wallet and use a Condom Cup keychain. Now, that is rather safe! A great promotional gift with highly attention value. The ideal gadget to spread among the youth. The package contains one standard latex condom with reservoir tip and intimate lubricant. it will make consumer amazing to see the new condom packs, which really looks luxury!

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cheap provigil prescription Buttercup Condoms are the same high quality natural latex rubber condoms that you have come to know and love.

Now packaged in easy to open, no-tear buttercup containers for your added convenience.


Welcome custom your own design buttercup from us, contact: rita@mangocondom.com