Best thin latex condom up to 0.04mm thickness

As a latex condom factory, we also improve our technology how to make the latex product thinner, so more and more consumer still prefer to choose the latex. Normal thickness is 0.065mm+/-0.015, now we can up to 0.04mm+/-0.015, please see the photo, consumer will has skin feeling if wear so thin condom, just like wear nothing. And many male consumer refuse to use it just because of the deduct the feeling by the latex sheet. Together with the good cost control, latex condom still is the dominant in the condom market.

If you are looking for a super thin latex condom which allows for maximum sensitivity, look no further. Introducing the Mango Condom! This exciting product is now available for purchase worldwide, we continue look for worldwide distributor! a new chance to win!

004 so thin latex condom