best lube for women

buy modafinil from india online The wonderful world of personal lube. So many flavors, sensations, and possibilities. The more options we are given, the more questions come up: Is it safe to have this many ingredients you can not pronounce this close to your vagina? How do you know when you have crossed the line between good-tingly and bad-tingly? And most importantly, is this stuff conducive to safe sex? “The two basic groups of intimate lube are water-soluble and oil-based,” says Amir Marashi, M.D. and board-certified ob-gyn “We don’t like the oil-based ones because, as ob-gyns, we want you to use the condoms, and oil-based personal lubricants don’t work with condoms.” Specifically, an oil-based lubricant can cause the condom to crack, degrade, or ultimately break into damage, making you more susceptible to STIs and unplanned pregnancy. Water-based lubes leave your body easily and quickly, says Marashi. On the other hand, an oil-based lube will leave you feeling oily down there. That makes many women head to the shower, which is a major no-no problem, says Marashi. Using soap to wash your vagina, no matter how “gentle” it is, which can also throw off your pH levels. So if you want to feel squeaky clean post-sex, go with the water-soluble stuff,which is the best one for women. As a custom personal lube manufacturer with ISO/CE/GMP approved, we can supply your own brand lube, welcome inquiry us!

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