Best banana condoms for oral

Continue Reading Banana Flavored Condoms are perfect to spice up your sex life. Lubricated with banana flavored lube, you can give your lover a taste they’ll love.
Banana Flavored Condom is a tropical fruit flavored condom that’s sugar free, which makes it perfect or both oral and vaginal use.
Banana condom is fairly thin, is made from yellow colored premium quality latex, has a water-based lubricant and features a reservoir tip for added safety. You also can choose the different types of condoms with banana flavor.
If you want an adventure for you and your partner. You also can try other flavor like strawberry, apple, orange, lemon, even chocolate.
No matter what flavored condoms or flavored lube you try, the quality all approved by ISO/CE. Welcome choose the banana flavored condoms, contact email: