benzocaine condoms supplier Benzocaine condoms, also called long love condom or delay condom, which are known to help men in controlling premature ejaculation. Condoms are known to do so, but benzocaine condoms can provide better and long lasting performance in sex. These types of condoms are being made available through different condom manufacturers, and thus there are a lot of brands selling this type of condoms these days. One thing to keep in mind is that they are often called desensitizing condoms.,3 As to the question whether they work, well, yes, they do work. As a matter of fact, they often work too well. For example, there are some men who have reported that even though they may be able to last for a very long period of time, they often times face the problem of ejaculating. At times, they have ended too long for their partners. Yes, these condoms may just end up working too well that controlling it may turn out to be challenging for men. From factory’s side, there always many different formula of the benzocaine, gel, jelly, cream or liquid, which also comes to different cost, that also means different effect, it normally comes to better effect after cost increase, so if brand owner want to has own line of benzociane, please ask factory which type benzocaine you prefer.