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Dotted condom producer Mango brand condom look for distributors

explanation Mango Sensation is the condom with dots surrounded. Dotted condoms create extra friction and greater stimulation and enjoyment for the receiving partner, evoking a deeper sexual response from both. Our Mango dotted condoms increase the fun and pleasure in sexual intercourse.


go to these guys Type: dotted textured

Specification: 52*180*0.06mm

Appearance: lubricated with natural color without flavor

Packing: 3pcs box, 12pcs box, it can adding clients information on box when quantity meet up the requirement

MOQ: small order quantity accepted

Mango condom aims to finding only one distributor at each country. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Email:

XL condoms manufacturer

MANGO XL Condoms are wider and longer for increased comfort.

The MANGO XL condoms are bigger at the head and base to provide extra comfort but fits close around the middle to ensure the condoms stay in place. MANGO condoms are softer, smoother, clearer and purer, providing a more pleasurable experience for both partners.

MANGO XL condom allows larger-sized men to enjoy themselves while staying protected. This condom style is also available for sale. Here is the specification,

Longer and wider than regular condoms

Premium silicone lubricant

Reservoir tip

Average Width at Base: 56 +/- 2mm

Average Length: 210 mm

With the MANGO XL condoms you are well protected during sex. Because even if you have a larger size, you want to be able to enjoy carefree pleasure. These condoms offer extra comfort and are easy to use.

condom producer

condom manufacturer

The main condom’s production located at Asia area, such as China, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea and Japan. Karex grew rapidly over last three decades as a contract manufacturer for the world  popular known brands, such as Durex brand, and by supplying bulk latex condom orders to global public health organizations. Analysts expect revenue to have reached up $91.4 million for the year ending June 30, a 35% rise in last two years. Net profit is seen totaling $18.1 million, a 69% jump since fiscal 2014. That performance puts it on annual Best Under A Billion list for the first time.

Our company, Shandong Ming Yuan Latex Co.,Ltd as a professional condom plant, which approved by ISO/CE standards, had invented some popular condoms, so welcome contact us if you plan to has own logo condom, or if you has any new idea of condom, we are pleasure work for you.

Dalian Latex Co.,Ltd Condom Production Line

Vietnam’s condom maker–Merufa Joint Stock Co

The condom makers most located at China, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan or Korea. Vietnam is new man in the condom’s production. Merufa Joint Stock Company, the first condom producer in Vietnam, has announced plans to list on the capital stock exchange on December 12.

According to a decision singed on Tuesday by the Hanoi Stock Exchange, Merufa will be listed on the Unlisted Public Companies (UPCoM) market under the code MRF, and will offer 3.67 million shares. More detailed news pls read:

condom producer

condom producer

Each country’s condom market is relatively well protected by authority. Because it is classified as IIB medical device, the industry is also heavily regulated and each AREA has its own regulatory bodies which monitor and approve medical device standards.  As a producer of condom, our company already approved by ISO 13485 and European CE mark, which will help us enter the Europe market, each country always has own standards.

our company already registered more than 64 countries worldwide to supply condom under clients own brand, welcome inquiry us if you plan build own brand condom, we are your better choice.

Pls email us if you plan own a condom brand:

good condom supplier, logo condom manufacturer

Good quality condoms deliver the mass of pleasant minutes

High quality condoms with double protection differ in special durability. Consist of hypoallergenic natural latex. Does not cause irritation not skin and genitals. In case the condom deteriorates or will be damaged, then because of addition of a spermatic the risk of emergence of pregnancy will decrease. This product will be suitable for any type of a penis and will deliver the mass of pleasant minutes for the woman. Convenient packing, hermetically packed goods will not be able to deteriorate in any situation.

Don’t be silly, protect your noodle with this condom

Made of 100% latex and comes pre-lubricated, this condom is safe to use, but not safe to eat.

This condom is not flavored. Please do not try to eat it.

Each box comes with 12 counts of individually packed condoms

Length: 18 cm

Width: 5.2 cm

Thickness: 0.06 mm

The detailed instruction will help to get rid of indecision and inexperience. Email:

spike condom new condom fashion condom producer

Fashion spike condom silicone lubricated new condoms

Condom business has the high competition in the market. And according to our experience, to do good quality and has the featured condom types will make your brand condoms outstanding in the market. If you wish own brand condom keep long history, don’t chase for cheap price. Find the supplier who offer you good quality products with reasonable and competitive price.  With more than 10 years experience to do custom condoms, we find only client who focus on quality, the brand can last longer.

Except condom quality and price, the new and unique condoms types will help your brand outstanding during so many brands on market. Such as our spike condom which is fashion and attractive.

  1. A Circle the strong granulation, arouse the deepest most sensitive g-spot
  2. The whirlwind shape granulation, around the penis, when in and out constantly stimulate the g-spot
  3. Two laps raised large particles, the strong stimulus of vaginal walls

Material: Latex

Width  52+-2mm

Just choose the style you want!


1pc MALE spike condom

Spike condom producer contact email:

funny creative foiled condom pack

New Self-Lubricating Condoms Would Revolutionize Sex Industry

For condom product, it’s really difficult to invent new types, Other than adding flavors and colors, it’s been nearly 50 years since a major advancement in the design of condoms. That may have changed this week when Boston University researchers announced the invention of a self-lubricating condom that could have widespread benefits in preventing sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies.

more news pls read:

PU condom, polyurethane condom manufacturer

Use Male condoms with a latex sensitivity or allergy

If you have latex allergiy and want to use condoms, choose the condom made from polyurethane or polyisoprene. Polyurethane condoms are made out of plastic. While they feel different than latex condoms, they’re highly effective. Polyisoprene condoms are made out of synthetic latex. They’re safe for most people with latex allergies because allergic reactions are usually caused by natural contaminants in latex, rather than the rubber itself. Polyisoprene condoms feel more like latex condoms than polyurethane options.

If condoms cause your allergy but not balloons or your doctor’s gloves, you may be allergic to something other than the latex. Different brands use different lubes, spermicides, and chemicals. It may help to try a different brand of condom. Email:

premium quality condoms,condom water leakage test,condom pin hole test

How to test the condom for water leakage?

The visual leak tester is a compact device complying with international quality control standards. It consists of a carousel with 12 condom holders mounted on an ergonomic stainless steel stand with an integral water reservoir.

It fills each condom with 300ml of water for one minute and examines them for water leakage through the wall of the suspended condom. The condom is then removed from the mount, the open end is closed and it is rolled back and forth once. After this, the condom is yet again inspected for signs of water leakage. Also the result can show on computer. You can clearly see the conclusion.

Best quality condom producer, email:

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