7 things to do when condom breaks

There’s no question that the condom breaking can be one of the worst sex disasters ever.  What will you do if your form of birth control fails you? Here are seven ways to deal when the condom breaks – trust me, you’ll appreciate this info one day.

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It happened, it sucks and now you guys need to figure out how to deal. Being more calm will help you make a better decision.

buy provigil london Survey The Damage

Try to figure out exactly what happened. You may not be able to figure out exactly when and how this happened, but trying to get some details down will probably help you relax a little.

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Once you figure out what happened down there, talk to your guy about what’s going on.

Consider Emergency Contraception If you think the condom broke and some semen got inside of you, Plan B may be your best bet here, especially if you’re not on another form of birth control like the pill.

Go To A Doctor

You might want to go to a doctor for an STD test. It’s a good idea to be on the safe side, especially with something as risky as STDs.

Consider Alternate Forms Of Birth Control

If your primary form of birth control has always been condoms and this situation totally freaked you out, you may want to consider some alternate forms of birth control.

Avoid This In The Future

Do you never want this to happen again? Yeah, I don’t blame you. Read these tips on avoiding this situation in the future. The tips will help you avoid sex disasters from happening one too many times.