January 2019

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Use Male condoms with a latex sensitivity or allergy

404 Not Found buy modafinil online in uk If you have latex allergiy and want to use condoms, choose the condom made from polyurethane or polyisoprene. Polyurethane condoms are made out of plastic. While they feel different than latex condoms, they’re highly effective. Polyisoprene condoms are made out of synthetic latex. They’re safe for most people with latex allergies because allergic reactions are usually caused by natural contaminants in latex, rather than the rubber itself. Polyisoprene condoms feel more like latex condoms than polyurethane options.

If condoms cause your allergy but not balloons or your doctor’s gloves, you may be allergic to something other than the latex. Different brands use different lubes, spermicides, and chemicals. It may help to try a different brand of condom. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

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How to test the condom for water leakage?

The visual leak tester is a compact device complying with international quality control standards. It consists of a carousel with 12 condom holders mounted on an ergonomic stainless steel stand with an integral water reservoir.

It fills each condom with 300ml of water for one minute and examines them for water leakage through the wall of the suspended condom. The condom is then removed from the mount, the open end is closed and it is rolled back and forth once. After this, the condom is yet again inspected for signs of water leakage. Also the result can show on computer. You can clearly see the conclusion.

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Custom Condom Packaging

Creative and Designable Condom Packaging

The packaging of the condom is an important aspect for the customers to take into their consideration seriously. The design of the products packaging is the first impression to interest the customers, we all like the products with creative and designable packaging showing the quality and taste of the products. When you think of the packaging design, condoms are not the first products coming to your mind, but condom packaging is also important like other products.

Condom Packaging is also is the way to save the condom in a safe place to keep the quality and its shelf life, packaging is designed to be practical and useful to save the condom protecting it from the potential harms. Condom packaging is also designable to inform the customers what the products are and what the products will be for. It will show the brand name, logo and some basic information directly. High quality condom packaging is a good strategy for entering into condom market. Email:linda@oemcondoms.com

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How Mango condoms produced?

Mango condom is a quickly developed condom brand all over the world. It is famous and well-known for its premium quality and reasonable price. Each Mango condom pass the strictly test from material collecting to packing. Our material is imported from Malaysia or Thailand. Our high technical make our condoms much more softer, thinner and safer. All condoms before packing will 100% pass the electronically test, also the samples pass the burst pressure and volume test, also pin hole test, packing integrity test. Before packing, our inspectors will test the goods again. During packing, the inspectors will supervise the whole process. All steps to make sure each Mango condom with a good quality before reaching the consumers.

As a factory, we can offer you different price with different quality. But will not too low price. That not benefit for our long term cooperation and we have to make sure the quality. If you are the one who care more about quality, contact us: rita@mangocondom.com

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Experience the different feeling for brand condoms

There are many condom bands on market and one brand condom usually has many types of condoms. Different type condom offer consumers a different feeling. Mango brand condom has 7 types now, the classic condom which is original with extra smooth feeling. dotted condom, ribbed condom and 3 in1 condoms belongs to textured condoms, these provide the extreme sensitivity. flavored condoms can add some flavor during your intimate moment. delay condom increase man staying power to make the sex love moment last, and giving her more pleasure. large condoms give the big guys more comfortable.  Other types such as fire&ice, ultra thin condoms will give people some special feeling. Mango also has the spike condom which is a sex toy and can help women get orgasm easily. Spike condom also can reduce the sexual transmitted diseases and help preventing pregnancy. Welcome contact us for free samples. Test our quality at first. Contact: rita@mangocondom.com

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Most trusted condom brand in the world.

There are many popular brands offering a variety of condoms. It is not that easy to select the best feeling condom out of all the options you have available these days. The following will deliver maximum satisfaction because most men have enjoyed using those specific brands.
Our bestsellers include Durex, Trojan, Okamoto, Lifestyles, Mates Conform Condoms, Beyond Seven, One and Condomi,
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