July 2018

personalized condoms printing

obat neurontin Custom condoms or Promotional Printed condoms are a form of personalized condom printing that prints your custom message or logo directly on the foil wrappers, Printed Condoms get attention like no other Promotional Product. Print your own logos or messages on a variety of condom packages, it’s a easy cost way for promotion, As a custom condom factory, we can produce client own label condom, welcome inquiry us!

my website MOQ is 10000 pcs. our designer also can help you design own style artwork.

http://research-consulting.com/2013/06/ Email: oemcondom@gmail.com


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Ultra thin condoms supplier

Ultra thin condoms are super fine condoms providing greater sensitivity.

Ultra Thin condoms aim to increase pleasure by mimicking the feel of wearing nothing at all. Thinner condoms means there’s less of a barrier between you and your partner, so you can feel each other more and there’s more heat transfer between you two. That all helps him maintain an erection too. And no worry about breakage. These thin condoms offer just as much protection as regular ones.

green color condom,colored condom supplier,color condom producer

Green color condom factory

Product name: natural rubber latex condom

Shape: plain, dotted, ribbed, 3in1

Color:green, also can customize other color

Specification: 52*180mm, 55*190mm

Packing: bulk, 3pcs box, 12pcs box, according to clients requirement

Quality: 100% electronically tested, air burst test, air volume test, water leakage test

Certificate: ISO13485, CE, FDA

Welcome visit our company, you can check our condom producing and quality test. Contact: rita@mangocondom.com

MANGO condom, best brand condom, condom manufacturer

MANGO brand condom with high quality

MANGO brand condom is a nationally renowned and highly preferred condom brand among the young men and women of China. Known for its wide range of condoms to suit the tastes and preferences of millions of young customers across the country. The commercially available condom brand come in various textures, flavours and with different type of lubricants. MANGO has carved a niche for itself in the sexual wellness industry in China as a reliable and high quality brand. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

flavored condoms,brand condom producer,good smelling condom

Good smelling brand condom producer

Mango flavored condom gives good smelling when you have sex love with partner. Straight shape with reservoir tip, lubricated for smooth feeling and sensitive. Specification with nominal width 52mm, length 180mm, thickness 0.06mm. Packed in 3pcs box, 12pcs box. Welcome customize your own company information on the package. Mango condom look for sole distributor all over the world. Welcome contact us: rita@mangocondom.com

types of condoms

what is the best kind of condom?

You probably do not give much thought to condoms when it comes to your sex pleasure. After all, you use them to protect yourself from STIs and an unintended pregnancy, and their effectiveness is priority number one concern. While condoms usually do their job when they are used correctly, they can do more than just offer protection. In fact, some of the best condoms on the market can actually enhance a woman’s pleasure experience. “There are many different types of condoms out there for pleasure,” says sex therapist Debra Laino. Textures are a big bonus when you are using a condom—some brands offer ridges or studs, which can create different sensations in your vagina. “That’s very pleasurable for many women,” Laino says.

The best kind of condoms are those which not only can offer protection, they also can increase the pleasure. As a condom producer, we invent many new types condom, some of them already got the very positive market feedback.

Email: oemcondom@gmail.com

ladies condom

ladies condom

Female condoms also named ladies condom, which are made from soft thin plastic called polyurethane or natural latex. They are worn inside the vagina to prevent semen getting to the womb. if used correctly, female condoms are 95% effective they protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), a female condom needs to be placed inside the vagina before there is any contact with the penis.

Now our company can produce both the material female condom, MOQ is 100 000 pcs, welcome inquiry us!

Email: oemcondom@gmail.com

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Delay condom produced as Durex condom

Delay condom, which adding the delay cream inside the condom on top reservoir tip. Durex delay condom to do like it now. This way can make sure men last longer time, and both partner experience the happy time. Custom private label delay condom, distribute brand long love condom, delay condom producer, welcome inquire more information.

classic condom, male condom supplier, custom male latex condom

Classic male latex condom manufacturer

Classic and timeless, provides contraceptive protection and safe prophylaxis
Reliable condom for natural pleasure
Smooth and transparent surface with natural color
Lubricating coating and seminal finish
Nominal width 52 mm

Classic condoms in silicon lubricant with reservoir. The Quality of the our classic male condoms is guaranteed by application of modern high-tech equipment and multilevel thorough electronic control in all manufacture stages. To buy high quality male condom, please send us email: linda@oemcondoms.com

safe condom use,safe condom,using condom

Is it safe for a couple to stop using condoms

Condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device, used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection. Properly use can reach 98% effective.

It’s important for anyone who’s sexually active to regularly get tested for STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, and syphilis, but even if you and a potential first time partner have recently tested negative, we still recommends using condoms.

If you’re not intending on getting pregnant, make sure you have an alternate method of birth control instead of condoms.

Using condoms and regularly getting tested is especially important.

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