March 2018

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Female condoms ensure safe and maximum pleasure. Female condoms are easy and safe to use! And there is no interruption needed during the foreplay. Female condom is distinguished from a male condom in that it is retained in the vagina after insertion. The external component of the device provides some coverage to the external female genitalia. Female Condoms are made from Natural Latex Rubber and can be effective for contraceptive purposes and in the prevention of STIs transmission. Female condoms ensure maximum pleasure while reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. When used correctly, female condom is designed and produced to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV / AIDS. The use of female condom could initially be difficult, but it will become easy in a few applications. For many couples, the inclusion of a female condom is a pleasant moment of intimacy. Condom placement can be done in a variety of ways, based on each woman’s personal preference. For ease, couples typically suggest introducing condoms during foreplay. The inner ring could initially give the woman a slight annoyance. In this case, check that the ring has been pushed deep into the vagina. To make its protective capacity against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases effective, the female condom should be inserted before contact between the vagina and the partner’s body. Before starting to use the female condom, carefully read the instructions to make sure you use it correctly. Email:

funky condom custom supplier

numbing condoms supplier

Click This Link Numbing condom is not a health way for sex, which will make the man reply on it, but some male consumer still prefer to use it. Extended pleasure condoms delay the ejaculation by chemically numbing the sensitivity in penis. This list is a review of extended pleasure condoms also known as delayed ejaculation condoms.  As a factory, we can custom produce it if clients need it, MOQ is 100 000 boxes.

or if you has own formula or you also can supply us the special lubricants, we can add your lubricants into the condom.


large condom,extra large condom,XL condom

Extra large size condom maker

If you are a big guy and feel your condoms tight? Don’t worry about it, we produce the extra large size condoms for you.

Large size condoms are made of premium imported natural rubber latex with specification 55*190mm, with air burst volume more than 40dm³, 100% electronically tested. It is wider and longer than regular condom which give you the comfort space.

Custom large size condom from our company, you will be guaranteed for the quality and competitive price. Contact:

MANGO brand condom, 3 in 1 condom, MANGO 3 in 1 condom manufacturer

MANGO brand 3 in 1 condom supplier

MANGO 3 in 1 condom is a transparent, teat-ended, natural rubber latex condom. It is specially shaped to fit the anatomy of the penis, so they feel very comfortable. Best for people who seek natural fit and feel. Anatomic shape with dots and ribs for better sensation.

All MANGO brand condoms are CE certified, electronically tested and 100% genuine. MANGO condoms are with teat-ended, straight-sided natural rubber latex condom with a non-spermicidal lubricant. Welcome to inquiry MANGO 3 in 1 condom. Email:

ROMEO Flavored condom

ROMEO flavored condoms looking for distributor

Brand: ROMEO

Product: Flavored lubricated condom

Specification: 52*180mm

Quality: ISO/CE , 100% electronically test

Packing: 3pcs box, 12pcs box

ROMEO flavored condoms make sex more pleasurable. It can help shake up things in the bedroom for you and your partner. Welcome you to be our sole distributor at your country. We’ll be your biggest supporter in quality and price. Contact:

3in1 brand condom,contoured condom,stimulate condom

3in1 condom with dots&ribs&anatomic stimulating sensation

3 in 1 condom also named contoured condom or anatomic condom, anatomical condoms, which is the perfect combination of Ribbed, latex condom with ribs&dots& Contoured shape that provides better fit and stimulating sensations to delight your partner. They’re made from premium quality latex and lubricated for comfort and sensitivity.  They ensure the maximum stimulation during sex. Welcome inquire us the 3 in 1 condoms, contact:

herb delay ejaculation spray for man customized supplier

herb delay ejaculation spray for man customized supplier

Our company produced a herb extracted delay spray which helps men to last longer in bed and bring full sexual satisfaction to their partners. It’s easy to use, safe, and clinically proven to help you last longer.

As all are natural herb extract, and non-chemical ingredients, so which effect not so quickly as the chemical spray, it always need effect after 15-20 minutes. but we confirm it’s 100% healthy.

MOQ is 5000 pcs, welcome inquiry us!



dotted condom,sensation condom,condom with dots

Dotted condom make more sensation

Dotted condom, which has many dots on condoms. Women will be stimulated by these dots when sex. And they will like it.The added friction and increased stimulation provide a sensual, exciting experience for both partners.

Mango dotted condom 100% electronically tested, and they are ISO/CE approved. Pass high standard quality test.. We’re looking for distributor at each country, welcome contact us:

delay condom

ROMEO Delay condom for long lasting

If you wish some longer time when making sex love with your partner? Try our ROMEO delay condoms. It includes the benzocaine inside the condom top, which will make man for long lasting. Our engineers test and adjust the fitable rate for the ingredients, and have less harm to men health. Contact us for the long lasting delay condoms. contact email:


thin condom, sensation condom,ribbed condom supplier, raised condom manufacturer

Condoms are not loss of sensation

Some people find condoms tricky to use. If you are worried about loss of sensation opt for a very thin or light condom.

The thinner the condom, the better the sensation; the right size is also important.

Some condoms are available with ribbed, raised and shaped surfaces designed to increase sensation to both partners.

An advantage of female condom  is the way they don’t reduce sensation for the man in the way male condoms can do. We also produce spike condom which offer you better sensation. Email:

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