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Flavored condoms keep your partner satisfied, excited, and engaged

try this out Flavored condoms are known for their effect to help mask that terrible latex taste and smell they produce. Moreover, they are super trendy and will make your experiences in bed more pleasure. We offer a tantalizing variety of flavors for both to enjoy. The variety flavors come in apple, orange, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and banana, but the overwhelming majority of purchasers claim that the strawberry condoms are the best. Try to use these Flavors condoms.Don’t let your sex life be bland, amplify your sex life with an assortment of fruity flavors. Flavored condoms are secure to use. To purchase these fruity flavored condoms. Email:

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Some misconceptions about the use of condoms in birth control

  1. Many people believe that at least 18 years of age to buy condoms. This is a wrong idea. Even young people can buy it if needed. Not only that, it is available free from different community health centers or public health centers.
  2. Many people think that condoms do not require oral sex. But condoms are not just used for birth control. It protects people from sexually transmitted diseases. So if the partner or partner is carrying any infection, the condom is necessary.

  1. Many people think that condoms are not expired. This is a wrong idea. There may be some problem with the use of expired condoms, including rattling genital rashes.
  2. Condom is uncomfortable and sex is not enjoyable. But the feeling that comes without condom, couples get the same feeling with it.
  3. Many people think that using condoms does not require condom use. But the risk remains the same. Because it is possible to conceive by eating birthdays.
  4. Another misconception is in circulation. That is, there is no risk to using two condoms simultaneously. Actually, you have to use a condom at once. It is important to use properly.
  5. Many people think that lubricants can be used to make the condom more slippery. The idea is wrong. The field should be used in water or silicon based lubricants.
  6. Many people think that condoms can be used in sex. But there is a possibility of sexually transmitted diseases.
  7. If you have sex twice, there is no problem with using condoms for the first time. But this is also a misconception. The use of condoms is to use as many times as possible.
  8. It is also wrong to say that the condom can be kept anywhere. Can not be kept at extra temperature. Again condoms in the pocket pocket, but its elasticity nose. Could be.
  9. Latex condoms are found in many cases of allergic reactions. It is thought that if sex can not be sex then. But there are many condoms in the market that are not latex. These can be used easily
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Why small size condom easy to tear?

priligy order in india If the width or length of the condom does not fit the size of your penis, the condom can withstand pressure beyond its tolerance, resulting in tearing it down. We have repeatedly talked about the importance of condom sizes. As an adult, you should know that condoms are not “Free Size” products. We recommend that you read our knowledge about the importance of measuring the size of the penis and using the correct size of the condom if you do not have enough information about it.

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Choosing a condom for oral sex?

Everyone wish to have the safe oral sex. It’s important to choose the right sort of condom. Choose one tastes good, you will feel good in your mouth.

Before buying a condom for oral sex, think about some things.

Don’t use the N-9 condom for oral sex. It’s really a bad idea, it can numb your tongue. Look for condoms that unlubricated or have non-spermicidal lubricants.

Flavored condoms are most preferred for oral sex, but some flavored condoms are just novelty items. Before buying them, read the instruction. Check if they’re safe for practicing sex.

Practicing safer oral sex can reduce the risk of several STDs. Condoms also can be an enjoyable part of sex play. Condoms not only can provide a feeling of emothinal security, also can actually make oral sex physically more fun.

Chocolate flavored condom creates you pleasure and satisfaction.

Chocolate flavored Condoms is a premium quality product, which is manufactured under the rules of ISO certification. We produce safe sex through their exciting range of flavored condoms. The arousing variants have been created keeping your pleasure and satisfaction in mind. Among the different delicious flavored condoms, Chocolate enjoys a lot of popularity with the youth. This unique flavor is popular among all Chocolate lovers. Chocolate flavored condoms are sure to make her sleepless all the time. It takes you on a sensual ride and keeps you awake all night long. If you want to buy high quality flavored condom, please feel free to contact us. Email:

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What should you do if a condom breaks on you?

If a condom breaks, the man should be able to feel it, but you can always break one during a private session with you and your penis to feel what it’s like in case it happens to you. You should ask your doctor for advice. There are ‘morning after’ contraceptive pills that are far from pleasant, but which are a lot more enjoyable than a 20years parental custodial sentence.If a condom breaks and you or your partner is concerned about pregnancy, call your health care provider or pharmacist to discuss emergency contraception. And both partners should be tested for STDs. People are often not aware that they have an infection but if an infection isn’t treated, it could cause serious problems. If you buy condom, please try well-known brand condom. Email:

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Follow the advice for open the condom

You should also be careful when you are about to open the condom you just bought. A small premise: if you have kept it in the beauty of your girlfriend, for example, because it seemed safer than a fort, along with eyebrow tweezers, tricks, nail files, be doubly careful to check that the envelope of the condom is not cut or damaged. If you were to report cuts or holes, our advice is to throw it away even if it has not expired, since it could have also suffered damage to the condom itself and not just the foil.

The condom should never be opened with sharp or pointed objects: forget the scissors and even more spartan methods like teeth or long nails. There is the special opening facilitated by the hatching that quickens the operation.

Another useful check before using a condom is to gently touch it while it is still in its sachet and check that it slides, moving. This is an indication of good lubrication still present, so the condom is valid.

If you think, then, that you need more lubricant you can always decide to add a dose directly on the condom.

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There are some condoms which can help increase pleasure.

Buying for a condom isn’t just about protection. Apart from size and fit, there are condoms which can help increase pleasure, ones that are thinner so if you want to feel closer to your partner, and even flavoured condoms for something a bit different. The different textured condom provided by these condoms can feel as exciting as a sex toy. You can also enhance pleasure by using a lubricant. Some lubes are even designed to stimulate blood flow to your sexual regions for even more enjoyment. Spice up your sex life today. Buy form our large range of condoms and lubes for you and your partner. We specialize in manufacturing condoms with different textures, sizes, styles, colors and flavors. Email:

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Best ultra thin condom for Christmas

Do you wish have a special Christmas holiday? Do you want enjoy the best love with your partner? Try ultra thin condom, and enjoy the true skin feeling.

Our company successfully produced the ultra thin condoms with thickness 0.04mm, 0.045mm, which is more thin than Trojan’s bareskin and Durex extra sensitive, and our cost has better control than both brands, welcome choose it.

If you want more thinner condom, we suggest you choose our polyurethane condom at 0.02mm. It’s like wear nothing, and people who latex allergy also can enjoy it.

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what tests to do for a condom?

Condoms are sensitive products. To ensure their effectiveness, condoms have to be duly tested for endurance and performance.

When it comes to condom testing, each country goes through a different government agency whose responsibility it is to standardize condoms and make sure they are effective and meet regulated safety requirements.  In the United Kingdom, condoms are approved by Kitemark. Other European countries get approval by CE Mark. In the United States, condoms must go through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and meet their requirements.

There are usually six tests given to ensure latex condoms meet regulated standards. These tests include an air burst test, a tensile property test, a dimension test, a leakage test, a package integrity test and a  lubricant quantity test. These tests are most often given to condoms that are right off the manufacturer’s floor.

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