November 2017

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Why have Ultrasound probe covers

buy gabapentin 300 mg Vaginal ultrasound is a common procedure in gynecology and obstetrics.  To perform vaginal ultrasound, an ultrasound probe is placed in the vagina in order to get a close-up view of a woman’s pelvic organs. In early pregnancy, vaginal ultrasound often yields better images of the developing embryo than abdominal ultrasound. In later pregnancy, vaginal ultrasound gives more accurate pictures of the cervix and placenta than abdominal ultrasound.

In order to prevent transmission of disease from patient to patient, it is mandatory to clean and disinfect the probe after each vaginal exam. also mandatory to cover the probe with a barrier during each exam. So ultrasound probe covers manufactured intended to be barriers against infection.

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Reasons for using condom

The primary purposes of condoms are to prevent unwanted pregnancies and transfer of sexually transmitted diseases. Aside from these two, did you know that condoms have other uses, too?

Condoms help make sex less messy since your juices won’t be all over the place when you go off. At the same time, there are no medical side effects that prove condom use can lead to birth defects.

More importantly, you don’t need a prescription to avail of a condom. All you need is your money and to choose the type of condom you want, and then you just pay for it.

As a guy, it is part of your responsibility to make sure that you provide hot and steamy sex that’s also safe. Use a condom. It won’t hurt. Premium quality condom maker:

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Condom Variety Pack includes an assortment condoms.

If you doubt how to choose the perfect condom, have only used one type or just want to try something new, get the condom variety pack which includes an assortment of condoms in a variety of sizes by several brands. Condom Variety features a wide range of condoms in different styles, sizes and brands — like Durex, Lifestyles, Trojan, Kimono, ONE, Mates and more — so you can try this pack and discover which condoms have the fit and feel that you prefer.

Variety pack are with premium quality

Also includes the exciting spike, warming, cooling, glowing condom and many others

Variety of sizes, styles, colors

Brands like Trojan, Durex, LifeStyles, Kimono, ONE etc

For pregnancy and STI protection

100% electronically tested

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condom expiration date

Checking condom expiration date is necessary.

In the heat of the moment, barely and you have time to get a condom … I doubt you stop to check if it could be expired or not. However … you should do it. Overdue condoms are a real concern that many of us are not considering. What are condoms made of? condoms are made of 1 of 3 materials: latex, polyurethane or lambskin. There are people who are allergic to latex, so they opt for other options. And there are others that report greater sensitivity with lambskin, although it does not necessarily prevent the transmission of STIs. What all these materials have in common is that they do not last forever. How long do they last?

Latex condoms usually last 5 years, after their manufacturing date, but this can vary depending on lubrication and spermicide. And instead of calculating how long your condoms will last, the ideal is to check the expiration date printed on the package. Storage must also be taken into consideration, because if it is exposed to a lot of light or heat, its life will be much shorter. The harsh reality is that most men do not know that condoms have an expiration date … and if they know it, they never check it. Carefully check the condom expiration date before buying a condom.

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Extra time condom for more stimulation

Extra time condoms are treat ended condoms made from the finest natural rubber latex which can prolong the moment with extra time pleasure condoms densely packed with enhanced dots for extra stimulation

Our extra time condom with Dots teat-ended condoms made from the finest natural rubber latex

Teat ended condoms made from the finest natural rubber latex

Prolong the moment with extra time pleasure Condoms

Densely packed with enhanced dots for extra stimulation

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ultra sensitive natural feel condoms

Consumer always don’t like to use condoms, which reduce their pleasure and feeling of partner’s skin, so we need offer them more sensitive product, Feel more of her so she can feel more of you. Ultra Sensitive condoms enhance sensitivity for a more natural, pleasurable feel.

  • Flared shape enhances sensitivity for a natural feel
  • Specially lubricated for maximum pleasure
  • Premium quality latex
  • Low latex scent
  • Reservoir tip for safety and comfort

welcome inquiry us of this special type condom, our company can custom produce for you. MOQ is 300K pcs.

Why should we use the latex free condoms?

Most consumers are free to use latex condom, which is soft and good feeling, and Latex is the material that was originally found to be the best all-round option for making the condom product, but unfortunately some of us are allergic to it. Latex-free condoms are made from a different non-latex material. Durex Real Feel latex-free condoms are made from Polyisoprene, a material that makes them suitable for people who have an allergy to natural rubber latex proteins.

If you do have an allergy to latex material, any adverse reactions are in the last place you want them – your nether regions, and anyone who suffers will tell you that an itchy painful rash down there is not a good way to enjoy the sex. Latex-free condoms allow those of you with an allergy to have a safe pain-free sex life. So enjoy your sex with your partner by latex free condoms.

As an custom condom manufacturer, we can offer you polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms in clients own brand, welcome inquiry us by email.


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What affect condom cost?

Some condom expensive, some condom cheap. What affect the cost of condoms?

As a professional condom factory, we control every cost for our customers, and we know clearly which will affect the condom cost. What price you can get good quality condom, what price you will get bad quality condom. These parameter all can affect the condom price: latex material, lubricant, condom type, condom packing, etc.

We really don’t recommend clients choose very cheap price condom, because quality can’t guaranteed.

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Can condoms with spermicidal lubricants cause irritation?

Some condoms add with spermicidal lubricant, which can help to reduce the rates of pregnancy. One of the most regular spermicides is the ingredient called nonoxynol-9. This is a chemical which some people are sensitive to, and if it’s used regularly it can cause irritation and increase the chance of HIV infection. Condoms lubricated with nonoxynol 9 can’t be used for anal sex.

It’s up to you which condom you choose. All of the differences in shape are designed to suit different personal preferences and enhance fun. It is important to communicate with your partner to be sure with the spermicide condom you are using condoms that satisfy both of you. Email:

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Flavored condoms better for oral sex

Flavored condoms are regular latex condoms with a flavored coating. Latex doesn’t taste good in the mouth, so adding flavor can help make oral intercourse more enjoyable for the giver. There are flavors from strawberry to chocolate to cola, and are all safe for human consumption.

Some people think oral sex little to no risk of contracting an STI/STD than vanginal or anal penetration, but fact is you also can get some STIs when engaging in oral sex with someone who has the infection. Using a flavored condoms for oral sex will help reduce your risk of an STI.

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