May 2017

Malaysia condom maker mixes business and pleasure

PONTIAN, Malaysia – The array of cheeky condoms on Goh Miah Kiat’s desk — multi-colored, textured and flavored with different shapes– would make most business executives blush.

They come with grape and strawberry flavors, pleasure-boosting textures, barber pole-like striping, a “Baggy” model and its opposite, the missile-shaped “Powershot.”

They hardly seem the stock and trade of a rural-based family business in Muslim-majority Malaysia, but Goh’s Karex Industries has big plans.

Karex already claims to be the world’s biggest condom maker by volume, producing three billion annually, more than any other single manufacturer. They already is the world’s giant condom company now. In order to sell their volume production, they had bought some condom brands, which will confirm their market share.



reality condom for women

Women condoms provide great protection

Women condoms are an alternative to regular condoms. They provide pretty much the same great protection from pregnancy and STDs. What’s different about them? Instead of going on the penis, women condoms go inside your vagina for pregnancy prevention or into the vagina or anus for protection from STDs.

Women condoms are becoming easier to find online, in stores, and at family planning centers. And you don’t need a prescription or an ID to buy them. They’re a small, discreet, and portable way to get big protection from pregnancy and STDs.

Since all the other condoms out there are worn on a penis, many women condoms fans love that there’s a condom they can control. Women condoms let you take charge of your sexual health. Even if your partner doesn’t want to wear a condom, you can still protect yourself.

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extra dotted condoms

extra dotted condoms

Women love dots. And that’s why the best way to please her is with a condom that is dotted. Try Dotted condom to drive her wild with pleasure and make your romps even more ‘sexciting’.

our company designed the dotted condom molds more deeper in the dots, which means our dots are more harder, which will stimulate women more deeply. Let’s choose extra dotted condom to enjoy the sex.

Kamasutra condom manufacturer moves HC against govt’s cap on price

The manufacturer of Kamasutra condoms has moved the Delhi high court challenging the government’s decision to cap the price of its range of male contraceptives. A bench of chief justice G Rohini and justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal is likely to hear the matter on August 12. The company, JK Ansell, has challenged the Centre’s March 2, 2016 order whereby the ceiling price for one unit of condom was fixed at Rs 8.21 plus local taxes with effect from April 1. The company has contended that the decision was taken “without taking into account the different varieties of condoms available in the market and the costs incurred for manufacture of such varieties of condoms, thereby treating unequals equally”.

It has claimed that the order came even as its plea was pending in the Supreme Court against a Delhi HC finding that condoms are drugs. The high court while giving its ruling had also set aside two price fixation orders of the government, Ansell has said in its plea which also seeks a declaration that the standards for contraceptives prescribed in the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules are ultra vires the Drugs and Cosmetics Act. Apart from seeking quashing of the March 2, 2016 decision of the government, the company has also sought an order that only utility or basic condoms are covered by the Drug Price Control Order (DPCO), 2013 and “not pleasure and polyisoprene condoms”. The company has also sought a declaration from the court that its ‘Kamasutra Skyn’ condoms do not come under the purview of the DPCO, 2013.  The production cost really differ a lot for each type and materials, such as polyurethane condom’s cost at least 5-10 times higher than normal latex condoms.

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Colored and flavored condoms make your sex life exciting and break

Make your sex life fun and exciting and give it a special with a mix of bright and fun colors and an added bonus of a great mix of fun flavors. Surprise your loved one with this colored and flavored fun condoms instead of the same boring condoms which a lot of people usually use. Condom Features:
– Taste: Various
– Lubricant: Normal
– Color: Various
– Structure: Smooth
– Size: 180mm,190mm,
– Nominal width: 53 mm, 55mm
– Thickness: 0.065mm
– Package quantity: 3Pack, 12Pack or in bulk Pack
– Brand: MANGO

You will have a mix of great colors that make things even more fun and you can even taste them and enjoy all the different flavors as you make your sex life even more fun than it usually is. Make your sex life exciting and break up the monotony with these fun colored and flavored condoms. Colored and Flavored condom manufacturers and factories. Email:


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Can condoms make you last longer in bed?

Wearing a condom can make you less sensitive down there. That’s totally normal. Just think about what your hands or feet will feel if they are tied. Same goes with your member.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in bed anymore and feel less pleasure. The truth is you can use it to your advantage, since it can make you last longer.

And, if you are worried about being less sensitive down there, then keep in mind that condoms come in different variations. You can go for textured condoms or those rubber sheets that come with different flavors to increase sensitivity down south. This can add some extra pleasure, too.

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Condoms aren’t only for vaginal sex use.

If you’re using condoms for STI protection, don’t limit them to vaginal sex – STIs can be transmitted by oral sex, anal sex, and even sex toys.

  • For anal sex, it’s important to use a condom – male or female – with plenty of extra lubrication.
  • Latex condoms are probably the best option for use with toys.
  • For oral sex, purchase non-lubricated condoms. Flavored products are available. Also you can choose dental dams and lube.

Choosing the right condom is key, because so many have new designs, textures, and materials, find the right one for you—and your partner. MANGO condoms is looking for worldwide distributors. Email:



There is just something intrinsically sexy about a pitch black latex condom. Somehow it just seems more formal and dressier.

Not only does this premium quality condom offer loads of visual excitement, it is also extremely comfortable and a reservoir tip for safety as well.

Make tonight a special occasion by pleasing your partner with a brand black condom.

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Silicone-based lubricant benefits and tips for using

Silicone-Based Lubricant Ingredients


Silicone-based lubricants are formulated from a small number of ingredients and don’t contain water. They usually contain Dimethicone (silicone oil).


Benefits of Silicone-Based Lubricant


They don’t usually contain preservatives (parabens)

More durable than water-based lubricants so protect for longer duration use than water-based lubricants

Safe for use with latex condoms

Don’t typically cause skin irritation or allergy

Don’t usually cause adverse symptoms when used for sexual activity4


Tips for Using Silicone-Based Lubricants


Silicone lubricants are more difficult to clean than water-based lubricants – wash off using warm water and avoid washing off the vulva with soap

Avoid silicone lubricants containing known irritant additives

Avoid using silicone lubricants with silicone coated pelvic exercisers as they cause surface erosion

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