April 2017

condom manufacturing plant in india

http://ashbournefarmsupplies.com/shop/uncategorised/eat-dip-cup/?add-to-cart=418 As a manufacturing plant, Triofab (India) Pvt ltd has successfully supplied fully automatic condom manufacturing plants on turnkey basis to Hindustan Latex Ltd & Polar latex Ltd These plants involve sophisticated technology, complex automated controls and machinery which include fully automatic molding machines, manual & automatic vulcanizing machines, pin hole testing machines, latex storage tanks etc. they have commissioned plants having capacity of up to 150 million pcs/annum. You can contact Triofab if interest to has own plant.

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premium quality spike condoms

Spike condoms test above international standard for latex condom

Spike condom has so many soft latex spikes around the condom, which can stimulate female easily, so many consumer like to choose it as a funny sex toy.

Many consumer like the spike condom, but fear if safe to use? We here guarantee it is safety to use. The burst test and water leakage test all above international standard for regular condoms.

You can have a visit for our spike condoms test video:

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MANGO brand condoms make the entire experience more enjoyable

MANGO brand condom is made with natural ingredients that keep your body safe, and MANGO Condoms have an overarching mission to support female sexual health on a global scale. Lubricated condoms are long lasting, soft, flexible, and contour to many types such as dotted, long love, ribbed, flavored, 3 in 1. If condoms are the only option, why not try MANGO condom brand that’s made specifically to make the entire experience more enjoyable? Contact MANGO condom suppliers. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

custom condoms

Custom Condoms from a company you can trust.

If you’re looking for a great way to promote your business or event,  visit their website Custom Condoms is what you need. Design your own condom from several different options we offer very inexpensive and makes a bold statement. We can help you come up with a great tagline and even help you with your artwork. Custom condoms are better than business cards hands down. We offers Full Color Printed Foil Condoms, Clear Cellophane wrappers and White foil clear labeled condoms. For more than 10 years we have been printing on condoms and making customers happy.


Welcome custom your own private label condoms from us: rita@mangocondom.com

Condom production Moulding Process

The condom is produced continuously by glass dipping molds install on chain conveyor, which will traverse, up and down, turning the course, on the whole dipping process in a continuous cycle.

Glass moulds will be gradually descended and dipped into the dipping tank filled up with the compounded latex. Glass moulds sticked with the compounded latex are then sent to drying tunnel, and again to the dipping tank and drying tunnel, via., twice dipping to protect from pin-hole and to strengthen the condom film.

Glass molds are steam splashed, and automatically form a ring at the open end of condom while passing through roller. The condom removed from glass molds by stripper is automatically fed through belt conveyor to next process, vulcanizing process. Glass moulds after being taken off the condom are washed, dried, and cooled, then sent to dipping tank again.

This process make the condom formed into its shape, but it’s not so stable and durable, the next process is vulcanizing which will make it more stronger and workable to use.

Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co., Ltd

Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. is part of Charoen Aksorn Group, began its operation in Leamchabang, Chonburi, Thailand at 1993 with installed manufacturing capacity of 75 million pieces per year. At present the manufacturing capacity has increased to 300 million pieces per year.

Thai Nippon Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd. is the quality manufacturer of natural rubber latex male condom. They accredited by such accreditations as: ISO9001 vs.2000, CE Mark, NF Mark, SABS Mark, etc. It’s the main condom factory from Thailand.

buttercup custom design condom

buttercup custom design condom for promotion

If you once see buttercup packed condoms? Condom Cup is brand new promotional gift for any brand. With its remarkable jelly cup-like design you would never guess what’s inside. The lid of the cup can be custom designed to suit your needs. Let your targeted group be amazed! With it’s sexy shape the Condom cup can be produced as a keychain if requested. The packaging will make sure the condom stays protected. So get rid of the old condoms that live in your wallet and use a Condom Cup keychain. Now, that is rather safe! A great promotional gift with highly attention value. The ideal gadget to spread among the youth. The package contains one standard latex condom with reservoir tip and intimate lubricant. it will make consumer amazing to see the new condom packs, which really looks luxury!


Buttercup Condoms are the same high quality natural latex rubber condoms that you have come to know and love.

Now packaged in easy to open, no-tear buttercup containers for your added convenience.


Welcome custom your own design buttercup from us, contact: rita@mangocondom.com

Wackiest Condoms

Wacky Rubbers Wackiest Condoms

Condoms not only prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases but make an ideal medium for self-expression, and offer romantic moments to your partner, make your love making more funny and interesting.

As a professional condom factory, we also can produce specially for your own shape condom, welcome inquiry us!


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Why condom shape is important?

A condom that has the right shape not only provides more comfort, but is less likely to fail. The most important factor is the right width at the base of the penis. Some men are wider at the base than they are at the head, which would make a tapered fit the best way to choose.

But, how do you know if you need something different? Most people are adept at finding the right width on the base. If the fit at the head is too tight or too loose, you need a different shape. Other “problem spots” can show up, too, causing occasional slippage or discomfort. With the variety types of condoms that are currently available, there really isn’t any excuse for yours not fitting you perfectly. Choose the correct condom shape is important for your health. Please contact OEM condom suppliers. Email: linda@oemcondoms.com

how are condoms made?

Over the years the condom manufacturing process has changed significantly. In fact, many people nowadays would be surprised to know that just a short amount of time ago condoms were made to be reusable (of course, not the safest thing in the world). The current manufacturing processes are better than they have ever been, and that of course has led to condoms being one of the safest forms of contraception in this day and age. Let’s take a little look at how condoms are made.  This chart show the process, and welcome you visit our plant if confirm do the condom business, we are pleasure to show you in site.

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