February 2017

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15 Wrong ways to celebrate International Condom Day.

How are you going to celebrate International Condom Day this Feb.13th? Use many condoms, you may answer. When used correctly, condoms can be very effective at preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancies. But as studies showed a sizable percentage of men don’t use condoms correctly and therefore may not be preventing STIs or pregnancies.

Here are some wrong ways condoms are used:

  • Not wearing the condom
  • Putting the condom on too late
  • Removing the condom too early
  • Unrolling a condom before wearing it
  • Over stuffing the condom
  • Allowing air in the condom
  • Wearing the condom inside-out
  • Partially wearing the condom
  • Using a sharp object to open the condom wrapper
  • Checking in before checking out the condom
  • Not using lubricant
  • Using the wrong lubricant
  • Making an incorrect withdrawal
  • Re-using a condom
  • Storing condoms incorrectly

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Cheapest Way to Buy Condoms?

if you want to save cost on the condom, we suggest you choose online way, it’s easy to compare to find the good price condom, but you also can get the free condoms easily from the community health help center in each place, which free condoms bought by government or organization, also passed the third party’s quality standard.


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How to find your perfect condoms sizes?

Condoms come in different sizes and choosing the best fit will increase both comfort and their effectiveness. Here are three fast and easy steps from condom sizes:

http://viewtific.com/wp-includes/certificates/pharmacie/lipitor.html 1)Measure your penis circumference

You can use a measuring tape or a string to measure it. If using a string, loop it once around the thickest part of your erect penis and mark down where it connects. Straighten out the string and use a ruler to measure the distance. That number is your circumference.

http://elmechstructuralengineering.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://elmechstructuralengineering.com/projects-with-calculations/ 2)Check the best matching condom width from the condom chart below:

use this link Penis Circumference (inches) Suggested Condom Width (in) Penis Circumference (mm) Suggested Condom Width (mm)
<4″ 1.77″ – 1.85″ <102mm 45 – 47mm
4.1″ – 4.5″ 1.85″ – 1.93″ 104 -114mm 47 – 49mm
4.5″ – 4.7″ 1.96″ – 2.05″ 114 – 119mm 50 – 51mm
4.7″ – 4.9″ 2.05″ – 2.09″ 119 – 124mm 52 – 53mm
4.9″ – 5.1″ 2.09″ – 2.13″ 125 – 130mm 53 – 54mm
5.1″ – 5.5″ 2.15″ – 2.28″ 130 – 140mm 55 – 58mm
5.5″ – 5.8″ 2.28″ – 2.37″ 140 – 147mm 58 – 60mm
5.8″ – 6.1″ 2.37″ – 2.53″ 147 – 155mm 60 – 64mm
>6.1″ 2.53″ – 2.72″ >155 mm 64 – 69mm

3)Pick your best fitting condom on the condom size chart


Condom size does matter. Find your perfect condoms sizes. Contact our condom factory: rita@mangocondom.com


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When Herpes virus affect the genital area, they called genital herpes.

The best way to avoid genital herpes are to practice abstinence or maintain a monogamous relationship with your partner.


If condoms can protect you from genital herpes. Yes, using condom does help you avoid genital herpes, but not completely.

Studies show that people who consistently use condoms when they have sex have a 30 percent lower risk of contracting genital herpes from their partners. Make sure to wear the condom properly and to use it from the beginning to the end of the sexual act. But condoms cover only your penis. Genital herpes lesions can develop in places that your body might touch even when you’re wearing a condom. When this happen, the virus can be transferred to you.


If you want to know more about condoms, contact us: rita@mangocondom.com

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A Swedish health clinic is offering measuring service to help men buy the correct size CONDOM

Size matters when it comes to safe sex.


A southern Swedish health clinic is offering services to men to measure their penis in order to fit them with the correct condom size.

The clinic use a specially designed tape to measure penises in diameter rather than in length. They hope the special opportunity will help boost the number of young men to visit their clinics.

A nurse at the clinic told that “When you get guys to visit you can move on to mental health, so we want to get them here one way or another.”


According to local report, the condom use numbers in Sweden is declining, despite the country having very high numbers of STD cases.
Sweden was named the STD capital of Europe in 2013, according to studies by Health Express.

The health clinic hopes that the higher spread use of condoms will encourage safe sex practices in young Swedish men.


Keep safe sex, using condoms. Contact us for any condom questions: rita@mangocondom.com



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Can Condoms Break in Extreme cold Temperatures?

I ordered some condoms from you guys and they came in on Friday afternoon. I was gone for the weekend and did not realize that they were on my porch when I headed out. The problem is that there was a big snowstorm this weekend and I am scared that the condoms might no longer be safe to use. Should I be concerned? You may remember that once upon a time, I froze a condom. But let us not talk about that right now. With how crazy this past winter has been, it is no surprise that we are getting frequent calls about the safety of keeping condoms at the right temperatures. And it is a great thing because it shows us that you care about your safety. Come on!

Normal temperature is enough for the condom storage, which workable store between -38°C to 39°C, that’s means normal storage is enough.


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How to Find Your Condom Size correctly!

We are here to break the one-size-fits-all condom myth and lead you to the land of surprisingly amazing safer sex activity. Condoms, once made solely for protection, are now made with absolute pleasure in mind. If you are wearing a condom that fits like a glove, both partners will have an enhanced, more pleasurable (and much safer) experience. While condoms should feel snug and secure, they should never feel too loose OR too tight (or ever cause discomfort) those are indicators you are using the wrong size. The wrong size will make it unsafe and easy slippery, that’s risk for consumers.

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How To Find Your Condom Size

A statement “one size fits all” has never been more wrong than when it comes to condoms. Studies show that at least 40% of men are wearing the wrong condom size. Are you?

For proper or proper protection against risk of STIs and unplanned pregnancy, finding the right size condom is crucial.

Here 3 condom size:

Standard Fit- 52±2mm in width and 180±10mm in length. It fit those with a penis girth between 119mm and 130mm.

Snugger Fit- 47±2mm in width and 180±10mm in length. It fit those with a penis girth below 119mm.

Larger Fit- 56±2mm in width and 190±10mm in length. It fit those with a penis girth bigger than 130mm.

To determine which of the 3 size categories you fit into, simply slide a toilet paper roll over your erect penis and gage the fit.

Standard fit size condom accounts for more than 50% of men if the elasticity good. If you slide the roll over your erect penis and there is room to spare, then you fit into the smaller size. About 35% of men fall into this snugger condom. But if the standard size condom too tight for you, try larger size condom. About 15% of the men accounts for this larger condom.

If you want custom your own condom size, welcome contact us: rita@mangocondom.com


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Girl condom from Female Health Company

Chartex’s successor, the Female Health Company, considered folding, but instead it set about developing an education programme. Then one day in 1995, Leeper received a telephone call from a woman called Daisy, responsible for Zimbabwe’s HIV and Aids programme.

She said, ‘I have a petition here on my desk signed by 30,000 women demanding that we bring in the female condom,'” recalls Leeper.

It was the start of a set of partnerships that took the female condom to women in large parts of the developing world. that’s why Africa continent is still the big market for female condom, but mainly is donation order from organization!

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