January 2017

reality condom for women

How does the Reality Condom work?

Reality condom is another name of female condom or women condoms.

The female condom is a contraceptive sheath (or pouch) that can help you stay in control of your sexual health and prevent an unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV. The female condom works by providing a barrier between partners so that bodily fluids (e.g. semen, blood, vaginal fluid) are not shared. It prevents semen (cum) from entering the vagina or rectum.

PU material is better as reality condom, which is more thinner than latex goods, but also more costly, it’s better choose PU reality condom if you can afford it.

Iif your male partner don’t like to wear the normal condom, as a female, you can choose the reality condom to protect you. so it offer women another choice.

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use condom

Some Pretty Messed Up Ideas About Condom Use for Straight Guys

When it comes to condom use by straight guys, a small new study showed a troubling finding.

Researchers from the University of Southampton in the UK found that the more attractive a straight man finds his sexual partner, the less likely he is to believe she has an STD. The less he thinks she has an STD, the more likely he’d have sex with her without a condom.

This study was only conducted on 51 straight men, which is a very small sample size as far as studies go. So, not everyone out there in the world thinks this way. But even so, the finding is troubling, especially because attractiveness has nothing to do with STDs. If you’re having sex, there’s a chance you can contract an STD, especially if you’re not using protection. This is regardless of how you may look, act, or seem. Second of all, no excused to use protection when you’re having sex.

One of the best qualities of a sexual partner is that they respect both you and themselves enough to use proper protection. Condoms reduce the possible that either you or your partner will contract an STD, which is totally sexy. If someone ever tells you that you’re too attractive for them to use a condom, let them know that they just became a lot less attractive, and walk away.

condoms sizes

what size condom fit for you?

There are condoms for larger penises and condoms for smaller penises. It is important to find one that fits you perfectly, just as you would a pair of shoes.

If you feel that your condom always slips off or feels baggy, try a nominal width of 52mm, as opposed to 56mm-the nominal width condom are comfortable and fit most people.

Perhaps you feel that every condom you try always feels too tight. If this is the case you should try the large condom with nominal width of 56mm.  extra large condoms that are comfortable and can better accommodate those of you who need it. It sounds obvious, but it is really important to use a condom that is not too small, because if you do and it is too short, the risk of STI transmission increases.

Condom size does matters, finding your perfect condom size leads to safer and more pleasurable sex for both of you.

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Sagami Xtreme Feel Long 1PC Pack Latex Condom

As a famous Japan condom brand, Longer lasting enjoyment, dotted texture, absolutely no anesthetic! Mysterious Japanese workmanship, it uses multiple filtration processed ultra premium latex to create. Effectively reduce hypersensitivity and enable longer lasting enjoyment. This product contains no anesthetic like Lidocaine nor Benzocaine so it is safe for daily use. Plus the bumpy dotted texture designed to enhance feeling and pleasure of your partner. Welcome choose it if you need last longer sex.

flavored condom, flavoured condom, flavored condom manufacturer

Have you ever heard beer flavored condoms?

Are you looking for condoms with nice flavors? There are drinks, fruits, and other flavors, but all you need do is to choose the one you like.

However, there are beer flavored condoms buy generic Lyrica can you buy prednisone over the counter  – the latest flavored condom. If you don’t know what beer is, then I guess you’re in another empty planet, different from planet earth. Everyone loves beer, and someone drinks beer everyday. It may sound a little crazy or weird, but it’s the truth- beer flavored condoms really exist. These condoms possess a true smell of beer and their color is as that of real beer.

Do you want a new and great feeling during sex? Get beer flavored condoms and have a sexual experience you and your partner won’t ever forget. Never get scared of these condoms, as they are produced with modern-day technologies. So you get the best sexual pleasure with these beer flavored condoms.

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Russian artist Ilya Kalimulin has taken the opportunity to use other associations with brand names and create images that are placed in an entirely different context. The result is often quite ironic and tongue in cheek, like Kinder Surpise condoms, Tic Tac bomb, Lipton cigarettes, M&M bullets, and so on. Hope these surprise can offer more fun to consumers around the world.

new condom use

New condom change color when encounter STD infected pussy

A new condom that changes color when an STD is detected- which came up with a questionable concept in the fight against STDs by London students. The idea is that the condom changes color based on the presence of an STD. The students explained that the condom would contain molecules that attach to STD bacteria and shine with a fluorescent glow. The finished product, for example, might glow green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes and blue for syphilis.

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ingenious use of condom

Doctor comes up with ingenious new use for a condom

A condom came in handy after a Chinese man accidentally swallowed a beer bottle cap – and a doctor used a rubber condom to safely extract it. The man, who was only identified by his surname Mr Liu, was out drinking with friends Friday night in the Jiangsu province on the east coast of China when he managed to ingest the bottle cap while drinking too fast, Chinese media reported.

Liu rushed himself to the ER of Lianyungang Hospital at around 10 p.m. and told medical staff his dilemma, South Morning China Post reported, citing the Yangzi Evening News. After Liu was given an X-ray, doctors told him to return to the hospital the next morning with his stomach empty. On Saturday morning, Dr. Ju Weiping, the chief of gastroenterology, decided to use a latex condom to wrap the bottle cap up in Liu’s stomach before removing it to avoid damaging Liu’s organs, according to the South Morning China Post. Weiping was trained as an electrical engineer and fitter before going to medical school in 1978 and said that he used skills he learned from his former job to extract the cap.

This is really a good use of rubber condom

condoms information

Condom expiration dates

What is the condom expiry date?

Each condom manufacturer must determine the shelf life for their condoms. Our condoms have a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture. Some condom such as spermicidal lubricated condoms may have a shorter shelf life.

Can I use a condom if it has expired?

People should always use condoms within the valid time, however using an expired condom better than no condom at all.

If a condom expires in MAY 2020, when was it made?

Each manufacturer determines the shelf life of their condoms and must support this with evidence reviewed.  If the expiration date is MAY 2020, simply subtract 5 years and you will have the approximate date and month of manufacture (i.e. MAY 2015). Other manufacturers may have a different code for expressing when a condom was manufactured.

Can you tell when a condom was sold or bought based on the LOT number or expiration date?

We are unable to determine when a specific condom was purchased. Condoms usually have a 5 year shelf life, so we can approximate the time they made their way into the market by subtracting 5 from the expiration year. LOT number not represent the production time.

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